Legislature discusses County Government Efficiency Plan aimed at providing tax credit to residents

The Erie County Legislature’s Finance and Management Committee, Chaired by Majority Leader Joseph C. Lorigo, discussed the County Government Efficiency Plan at today’s meeting to implement improvements that could provide additional relief to taxpayers.


“In today’s committee meeting we discussed how the county can implement an efficiency plan to provide a tax credit to residents. I am hopeful that the county and local municipalities will collaborate throughout the process to identify opportunities, such as sharing services, to reduce our budget, improve efficiency and obtain the New York State Property Tax Cap credit for residents,” said Legislator Lorigo.


Erie County is working to finalize its plan, which must be submitted by June 1 to New York State. For the county to qualify its taxpayers for the tax credit, it must stay below the New York State Property Tax Cap and develop a Government Efficiency Plan.


“Anything that promotes governments to cooperate and results in taxpayer savings is good. This is the sort of thing we need to do more of,” said Legislator Kevin Hardwick.


The Majority Caucus members of the Finance and Management Committee, Legislators Lorigo, Hardwick and Edward Rath are committed to creating the best proposal possible and are eager to work with local municipalities and the administration to implement a solid efficiency plan and deliver a tax credit to residents. 

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