April 2020 Training Collaborative

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April 27, 2021   12pm-1pm

 “Understanding Vicarious Trauma… The Road to Resilience”

Choosing a career in a helping profession is an honorable decision, and often those who choose it bear the burden of other people’s trauma. Hearing trauma survivor's stories and witnessing traumatic events firsthand can affect advocates, health care professionals, police officers, lawyers, therapists, peers and others. Called vicarious trauma, it can have a variety of negative effects. The toll of witnessing intense human experiences and emotions can contribute to a negative transformation of a helper’s own sense of safety, and of being competent and purposeful. This workshop will provide participants with the opportunity to examine their own experiences and become aware of the signs of both vicarious trauma and vicarious growth. Participants will have the opportunity to develop a personalized plan to repair negative effects as well as accelerate their resilience.

 Presenter: Dr. Kirsten Vincent, CEO of Recovery Options Made Easy



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