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Ethics Board

Mary Nanni- term expires 12/31/2026

Colleen Salmon- term expires 12/31/2022

Martha Parzych-Short- term expires 12/31/2025

Keith Hatswell- term expires 12/31/2025

Allison Massaro- term expires 12/31/2026

Wallace Smith- term expires 12/31/2022

Bruce Serena- term expires 12/31/2022

In 2013 the Town Board established and created the first Ethics Board for the Town of Newstead, which consisted of a 5 member board.  In 2015 the Ethics Board was increased to a 7 member Board.  The function of this Board is to hear and adjudicate complaints of violations of the Town of Newstead Ethics Law. 

Annual Disclosure Statements Requirement:

Under the Ethics Law, elected and appointed officials and employees of the Town are required to make and file an annual disclosure form to the Town Clerk, disclosing any interest that they may have during the year in any financial transaction(s) with the Town.  Town Officers are also prohibited from voting on or attempting to influence any town transaction or action in which he/she has a substantial interest. They are also prohibited from accepting any valuable gift, favor, loan or promise which might tend to influence the performance of their official duties.

Filing of a Complaint:

If a conflict of interest is suspected, a complaint can be submitted in written form only. The written complaint should concisely, but in reasonable detail, state the specific section of the Town of Newstead Ethics Law that has been violated and contain specific details of the charges being alleged against the specific town official or employee. Please include dates, places, and corroborating witnesses information or documents, if any, to support your claim.  Written complaints should be mailed to: Newstead Ethics Board Chairman, Newstead Town Hall, P.O. Box 227, Akron, NY  14001

No complainant, respondent, witness, designated party or Board member may disclose to any third party any information learned from the investigation of a complaint without the consent of all respondents named in the complaint, unless a finding of probable cause is made following a preliminary investigation.  By filing a complaint, the complainant agrees not to violate this requirement.

There are many ethical issues that are outside the scope of the Town's Ethics Law. Only matters that are in direct violation of the statutes specifically prescribed and set forth in the Town's Ethics Law will be heard by the Ethics Board.  The Board encourages all town employees and its elected and appointed officials to familiarize themselves with the ethical issues that may have particular relevance to their services for the Town.