Our Process

Business is conducted by informal and formal bid. Informal bids request quotations for goods and services with a projected cost of under $20,000.00. Whenever possible, we wish to have at least three vendor quotations. Vendors are selected from the County's Vendor List.

Formal Bids request quotations for goods and services with a projected cost of over $20000.00. Formal bids are posted here and advertised in The Buffalo News classified section. Formal bids can be downloaded from the Internet by accessing the On-Line Bid Retrieval section.

Purchase orders are a contract between a vendor and the County for specified goods and services. No merchandise should be shipped nor any service performed without an authorized purchase order. In the case of telephone orders, a purchase order number is given. Purchase order numbers must appear on all shipments, delivery slips, and invoices. Orders are understood to be shipped FOB destination unless otherwise specified on the Purchase Order.

Freedom of Information Act The Division of Purchase has a Freedom of Information clerk that will provide vendors with bid results. Vendors must request bid results in writing. Mail or fax requests are honored. Please include the Bid number and mail-to address.


Phone: (716) 858-6395
Fax: (716) 858-6465

Division of Purchase
Edward A Rath County Office Building
95 Franklin Street, 12th Floor
Buffalo, New York 14202