Household Hazardous Waste Collection Events


In 2020, Erie County DEP will continue providing one-day Special Collection Events throughout the County. 

In addition, the County is introducing a new option for residents seeking to dispose of household hazardous waste: The HHW Drop-off Voucher Program that allows residents to schedule a drop-off of up to 50 lbs. of household hazardous waste at no charge to a hazardous waste facility in Tonawanda.

See options below for more information.

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OPTION 1: Special Collection Events

Erie County will hold two Special HHW Collection Events this fall;
These are Appointment Only events:

September 26, 2020 in the City of Buffalo <<To Register, click here>>

October 31, 2020 in the Town of Boston <<To Register , click here>>


It is imortant to follow our Covid-19 Protocols while attending our Special Collection Event Programs: <<click here>>

Commercial, Business or Farm Waste is not accepted. Household Hazardous Waste only.


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Due to COVID-19 the events may be changed or cancelled.

OPTION 2: Erie County Voucher Drop-off Program
by Appointment Only 


Erie County is introducing a program allowing Erie County residents to bring up to 50-lbs. of acceptable household hazardous waste to Hazman in Tonawanda, NY. at no cost.

If you bring more than 50-lbs or items not listed as acceptable, there will be additional charges.

Commercial, Business or Farm Waste is not included. Household Hazardous Waste only.


For example, there will be a charge for Latex paint (water-based)

To dispose of latex paint, remove the canister's lid, add kitty litter or sawdust, let it dry and place in the trash. Make sure the lid is off so the sanitation worker can see that it is empty.

Unacceptable Voucher Items/Additional Fees:
  • Exceedance over 50-lbs. subjected to $0.75/lb. Fee
  • Latex Paint  - $0.75/lb. Fee (Can be dried out and disposed of in regular trash).
  • Electronics -  $0.50/lb. Fee
  • Fire Extinguishers - $15.00/unit Fee.
  • Propane Tanks - $5.00/unit Fee.
  • Tires - $10.00/unit Fee.


For more information or to make an appointment visit or call Hazman (716) 998-8073

If you call, Please mention the "Erie County Voucher Program".


Special Collection Events' Acceptable Materials List

  • Automotive:  
        • waste automotive fluids
        • gasoline, 
        • antifreeze, 
        • brake & transmission fluids;
  • Paints, Solvents, etc.: 
        • oil-based paints,
        • paint strippers and thinners,
        • Stains and varnishes
        • spray paints,
        • kerosene & other solvents;
  • Pesticides, chemicals, etc.:
        • pesticides,
        • fertilizers and
        • pool chemicals;
  • Mercury and any Mercury containing devices
    such as thermometers or thermostats.
  • Small Propane cylinders (1lb. camping)

Unacceptable Materials List


  • Latex paint (water-based)To dispose of latex paint, remove the canister's lid, add kitty litter or sawdust, let it dry and place in the trash. Make sure the lid is off so the sanitation worker can see that it is empty.
  • 20lb Propane Tanks
  • Alkaline Batteries. These are safe to dispose of in your trash. More information on batteries is available through the Earth 911 website.
  • Electronic Waste/ Televisions
  • Medical Waste/ Medications
  • Explosives, Ammunition and Gun Powder - contact your local police department.
  • Smoke Detectors (radioactive materials) - for information call First Alert at 1-800-323-9005.
  • Cooking oils - call Darling International at (716) 895-0655 for disposal of cooking oils
  • Tires - should be disposed of at any retail tire dealer (a nominal disposal fee may apply).
  • Cylinders of compressed gases, such as (but not limited to): - oxygen, acetylene, helium, carbon dioxide, freons, other refrigerant gases, etc.
  • Fluorescent light bulbs or ballasts.
  • (For year-round battery disposal information, visit


In addition, Commercial, Business or Farm Waste is not accepted. 

Erie County's hazardous waste disposal program for Conditionally Exempt Small Quantity Generators may be a suitable option to dispose of these materials.

For other wastes and more about HHW:

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