Just Mail It

Help keep $1.5 million dollars of your hard earned tax dollars right here in Erie County!
“Just Mail It” using our postage-paid, signature green envelope or go to any of the Erie County Auto Bureaus to help keep 12.7% of your auto registration renewal here. When you mail it directly to Albany or renew it online with NYS DMV, Erie County taxpayers get 0%.


Keep your Hard Earned Money in Erie County

Here's How...

Step 1
Enter your name and address to request your renewal envelope below

Step 2
The Erie County Clerk’s Office will send you a green, pre-addressed postage-paid envelope to use for your renewal.

Step 3
1). Sign the certification on the back of your renewal application.
2). Fill in your inspection number on the back of renewal form.
3). Enclose a check or money order payable to: Erie County Clerk
use the postage-paid green envelope and mail to the Erie County Auto Bureau, instead of Albany.

Your New Registration and Sticker will be mailed to you.

* Does not apply to boats, trailers, watercraft and motorcycles


Thank you for choosing to Renew Local and help to keep vital revenue here in Erie County.

Erie County Clerk's Office  92 Franklin Street, Suite 1  Buffalo, NY 14202-9949