Erie County Clerk Jacobs and Libraries Encourage Readers to “Renew Local"

Erie County, NY- Erie County Clerk Chris Jacobs and the Buffalo and Erie County Public Library System announced today that library patrons will now be able to find the signature green “Just Mail It” envelopes at their local branches while checking out the latest best-seller.

The Clerk’s Office is asking Erie County residents to “Renew Local” when renewing their auto registration in order to keep 12.7% of vehicle registration fees here in Erie County rather than sending 100% to Albany. Taxpayers should know that when they renew their registration at any of the Erie County Auto Bureaus or mail their renewal directly to the County Clerk’s Office, over $1.5 million in revenue annually stays in Erie County to support County services.

“I want to thank Mary Jean Jakubowski, Director of the Library System, and her team, for working in partnership with us to make it easier for patrons to ‘renew local’ by having our postage-paid auto registration renewal envelopes available at all 37 libraries beginning January 22,” said Jacobs. “This is a perfect example of two public service entities collaborating for the benefit of the taxpayer to ensure strong sustainable services to our residents,” added County Clerk Jacobs.

“With libraries located from one end of Erie County to the other, we are a convenient pickup location for the “Just Mail It” envelopes,” said Library Director Mary Jean Jakubowski.

Jacobs stated “Our hope is that by making our signature green envelopes more easily accessible, it will increase the number of vehicle owners who renew locally.” Motorists can simply drop the completed renewal form, along with their check payable to the Erie County Clerk, in any mailbox, using the postage-paid envelope.

“The additional revenues generated supports local Auto Bureau operations, along with helping to pay for road and bridge repair, social and senior services, and programs important to this community, like our public libraries,” said Jacobs.

“As County Clerk, my office continues to find new ways to look out for our residents, and this is one initiative that does just that,” said Jacobs. “So many residents I speak with are surprised to learn that the county does not receive any portion of the fees if they use the pink envelope that comes with their vehicle registration renewal from Albany, or if they renew online at the NYS DMV website.”

In addition to all 37 Buffalo & Erie County Public Libraries, the Clerk’s Office offers a number of convenient options for motorists to obtain the postage-paid green envelopes. Motorists can find them at any of the Erie County Auto Bureaus or Mobile Sites, at the Clerk’s Office in Old County Hall and at their Village, City or Town Clerk’s Offices. Residents can also visit to request a "JUST MAIL IT" envelope be sent to them directly.

“Our plan is to have the postage-paid green envelopes easily accessible and available at various outlets throughout the county,” said Jacobs. If your company or auto-related businesses, such as auto dealers, service stations, and oil-change merchants would like to help spread the message and join in the “Renew Local” initiative, please contact the Clerk’s Office at 858-7754 or e-mail at for additional information.