Ruthie's Law Compliance

The Erie County Ruthie’s Law is intended to ensure nursing homes notify the families of its residents quickly after a reportable event* and to increase transparency and accountability via semi-annual reporting**.  Below is a list of all Erie county nursing homes. The facilities with a check mark agree with the intent of Ruthie’s Law, have chosen to report, and support complete transparency.  The facilities without a check mark have chosen NOT to comply with Ruthie’s Law.  This leads to a lack of transparency and accountability by their part at a local level.

While we can not recommend a certain nursing home for your loved ones, we highly recommend that you thoroughly research all resources, including Ruthie’s Law reporting, when selecting the best facility for your loved ones.

Please call NY Connects 858-8526 and my staff will be glad to assist you.

David J. Shenk, Commissioner

Erie County Senior Services

*Reportable Event shall mean any altercation between patients and or staff of a Nursing Home that results in an injury to one or more patients, or any incident in which a patient is injured so severely that an emergency call to 911 and/or treatment outside the Nursing Home is required, or the death of a patient is found to have been connected, even in part, to a negligent act or omission on the part of a Nursing Home.

**Semi-annual reports from Nursing Home Facilities shall be provide to the Commissioner which detail the number of Reportable Events which have occurred during the reporting period along with a description of the basic facts pertaining to each event.  Reporting periods shall run from January 1 to May 31 and June 1 to December 31 respectively.  Mandated reports shall be delivered to the Commissioner on or before the last day of the month succeeding the given reporting period.  Patient identifying information shall not be included in such reports.

View the law in its entirety

Safer Senior Homes Ratings



  (Check mark indicates completed report)
Erie County Nursing Homes June - Dec. 2017   Jan. - May 2018 June - Dec. 2018   Jan. - May 2019 June - Dec. 2019 Jan. - May 2020
Absolut Center for Nursing and Rehabilitation at Aurora Park, LLC  √  √  √  √ √ 
Autumn View Health Care Facility, LLC  √  √  √  √
Beechwood Homes  √  √ √  √  √   
Brothers of Mercy Nursing and Rehabilitation Center  √  √ √  √   
Buffalo Community Healthcare Center (FKA Emerald North through 11/2018) No Compliance Under Previous Owner    √  √
Buffalo Center for Rehabilitation and Nursing  √          
Canterbury Woods  √  √   √  √  
Comprehensive Rehabilitation and Nursing Center at Williamsville  √  √  √   √  √  
Eden Rehab and Nursing Center  √  √  √  √  √ √ 
Elderwood at Amherst            
Elderwood at Cheektowaga            
Elderwood at Grand Island  √          
Elderwood at Hamburg            
Elderwood at Lancaster  √          
Elderwood at Williamsville  √          
Ellicott Center for Rehabilitation and Nursing            
Father Baker Manor  √  √   √ √ 
Fiddlers Green Manor Rehabilitation and Nursing Center  √  √  √  
Fox Run at Orchard Park  √ √   
Garden Gate Health Care Facility  √  √  √  √ √ 
Greenfield Health and Rehab Center √   √  √  
Harris Hill Nursing Facility, LLC  √  √   √ √ 
Highpointe on Michigan Health Care Facility  √  √  √  
Humboldt House Rehabilitation and Nursing Center  √ √  √  √   
Jennie B. Richmond Chaffee Nursing Home Company Inc.  √ √  √  √ 
McAuley Residence  √  √  √
Mercy Hospital Skilled Nursing Facility  √  √ √ 
Rosa Coplon Jewish Home and Infirmary  √  √  √ √  √   
Safire Rehabilitation of Northtowns, LLC  √ √   √  √ √   
Safire Rehabilitation of Southtowns, LLC  √  √  √ √   
Schofield Residence            
Seneca Health Care Center √   √   √ √  √ 
St. Catherine Laboure Health Care Center  √  √   √ √  √ 
Terrace View Long Term Care Facility  √  √  √ √ 
Williamsville Suburban, LLC  √ √   √  √ √   




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