Alcohol Compliance


TIPS Training is now offered to you by the Erie County Sheriff’s Office

TIPS (Training for Intervention Procedures) - is a dynamic skills-based training program designed to prevent alcohol abuse, drunk driving, and underage drinking by enhancing the fundamental "people skills" of servers, sellers, and consumers of alcohol. TIPS provide the knowledge and confidence individuals need to recognize potential alcohol-related problems, and effectively intervene to prevent alcohol-related tragedies.  Listed below are the two different services offered along with some of the benefits this program can have on your business:

Tips Training- Is a free 1-2 hour training session to help educate your non-certified employees.

Tips Certification- Is a 3-4 hour certification session, which upon passing will certify employees for 3 years. This is offered at a reduced rate of $20/employee vs. the typical $40- $50 charge.

Legal Protection

  •  In liquor liability lawsuits, TIPS provides a "reasonable efforts" defense.
  •  TIPS training satisfies requirements in nearly all states that have mandatory or voluntary server training laws.
  •  TIPS training provides a means of mitigating ABC violations, often resulting in lowered fines and a waiver of license suspensions.

Insurance Benefits

  • Many insurance companies provide discounts to establishments whose employees are TIPS certified.
  • TIPS training satisfies the server training requirements set forth by insurance companies.     

Additional Benefits

  TIPS training results in added professionalism and improved customer service.

  TIPS is proven to be a practical and effective method of reducing drunk driving and underage drinking.

  TIPS training provides a common language for staff to use in assessing and handling alcohol-related incidents in their establishments.

For more information or to schedule training, please call Deputy Daniel Wood at 716.440.9558.