Civil Enforcement Division


UPDATE – EFFECTIVE TUESDAY JULY 6TH, the ECSO Civil Enforcement Office will be open to the public.

HOWEVER, if you wish to make a payment by mail, please mail a certified bank check or money order (payable to "Sheriff of Erie County" and write the Sheriff's Docket Number on it) and send to: ECSO - CIVIL, PO BOX 8000, DEPT 831, BUFFALO, NY 14267.

If you wish to file papers for service by mail, please send the appropriate number of copies, fees & mileage, along with a cover letter, to: ECSO CIVIL, 134 W. EAGLE ST, BUFFALO, NY 14202.


The Erie County Sheriff's Office Civil Enforcement Division is located on the 4th floor at 134 West Eagle Street, Buffalo, NY 14202. This is the only office permitted to handle civil matters. The office is open Monday through Friday, from 8:00 A.M. to 3:45 P.M. and is closed weekends and legal holidays.

The primary telephone numbers are area code (716):

General Information - 858-7606 
Filing Legal Papers - 858-6252 - 858-6253
Income Execution Inquiries - 858-7807
Field deputies - 858-7606 or individual direct
Bookkeeping - 858-7620

Civil Process
Civil Division

The Erie County Sheriff's Civil Division was the first Civil Division certified as "Professionally Accredited" in New York State. The Civil Enforcement Division is a state mandated service provided by all Sheriff's Offices throughout New York State.

Its purpose and function is to serve and execute the various legal processes issued by and for the several non-criminal courts of New York State and for jurisdictions of other states and countries throughout the world.

The Civil Division is the enforcement vehicle for all civil courts, including small claims, city, county, state, and federal jurisdictions.

Legal processes administered by the Civil Enforcement Division for the legal community and the general public include:

  • Income and property executions
  • Notices, summonses, subpoenas, and petitions
  • Court orders: contempt of court, civil arrests, orders of seizure and attachments
  • Orders, Writs, and Warrants related to evictions

Collections are done by way of income executions (wage garnishments) and property executions, which authorize the Sheriff to seize property and then sell it at a Sheriff's sale.

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The sale proceeds are then applied to satisfy the judgment.

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