Construction Company Complaints Received by Sheriff’s Office

Modified: August 15, 2018 10:03am

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Construction Company Complaints Received by Sheriff’s Office

Homeowners are reminded to Check References & Sign a Contract


Buffalo, NY – Erie County Sheriff Timothy B. Howard reports his office has received complaints about Edward Kwiatkowski and the construction company he owns and operates.


Most recently, an Alden resident contacted the Sheriff’s Office about questionable business practices and threats made by Kwiatkowski. Although the homeowners had fulfilled the initial part of the agreement with JR Construction, Kwiatkowski was threatening to stop work and delay the construction project for a year unless he received more money up front.


It is believed Kwiatkowski operates three companies: JR Construction, of Cuba, New York, Kwik Construction, in Lancaster, New York and Underdog Construction in Lancaster, New York.


Although many of these contractor complaints are a civil matter, the Sheriff’s Office is urging homeowners to check contractor references, have a signed contract for the scope of work, and not to pay for the construction project up front.


If a homeowner believes they are being ripped off by a contractor, they are urged to contact the New York State Attorney General’s Bureau of Consumer Frauds and Protection’s Buffalo Regional Office at 716.853.8404 or complete the online complaint form at and return it to the regional office.