Holding Center Inmate Attempts Suicide

Modified: October 15, 2019 10:06am

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Buffalo, NY – Erie County Sheriff Timothy B. Howard reports that an inmate attempted suicide Friday afternoon while incarcerated in the Erie County Holding Center. 

The male inmate, who was admitted to the holding center on October 10, was discovered by a Deputy who was performing a routine supervisory tour.  Jail management and correctional health personnel responded and performed life-saving procedures for approximately thirty minutes when a pulse was discovered. 

The incident:

  • Inmate attempted suicide in his cell early Friday afternoon.

  • The inmate was found with a facility issued bedsheet tied around his neck and connected to the bars of his cell.

  • JMD and Correctional Health immediately responded and began life-saving measures, continuing for 30minutes until a pulse was detected. 

  • The inmate was admitted to the facility on 10/10/19 on an outstanding warrant for Robbery in the 2nd degree.

  • The Sheriff’s Office initiated an investigation and reported the incident to the NYS Commission of Correction.

  • The individual was transported to an area hospital for continued treatment. 

The Sheriff’s Office, by the family’s request, contacted the presiding Judge who immediately lifted the warrant, which allowed the release of the inmate from the agency’s custody and subsequently allowed the family to be with the patient.