Inmate Transported To Area Hospital after CPR and AED

Modified: August 2, 2019 7:32am

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Buffalo, NY – Erie County Sheriff Timothy B. Howard reports an inmate is in critical condition at Buffalo General Medical Center following a medical incident at the holding center on July 31.


At approximately 9:54 p.m., Deputies responded to a medical emergency in the bathroom area of a housing cell.  Soon after the call, Division of Correctional Health personnel arrived and began caring for the inmate.  Approximately fifteen minutes later, the inmate was able to stand and walk on his own to the infirmary for further evaluation.  Then at around 10:37 p.m., while in the medical unit, the inmate became unresponsive, and medical personnel had to initiate CPR then utilized an AED; a pulse was detected.


The inmate was transported to the hospital, where they remain in critical condition.