Narcotics And Intel Units Break Up Jail Smuggling OP

Modified: October 12, 2017 10:49am

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4 Inmates and a Visitor Arrested on Conspiracy and Contraband Charges 

Buffalo, NY – Erie County Sheriff Timothy B. Howard announces the Sheriff Narcotics Unit, and the Jail Management Intelligence Unit conducted a multi-month investigation into a prison contraband smuggling operation.  Their investigation resulted in four inmates and one civilian arrested and charged with conspiracy, contraband, and drug counts. 

On October 10, at approximately 9:45 P.M. Sheriff’s Narcotics members and holding center Deputies executed a search warrant, issued by Judge Thomas Franczyk, for Tianna Hunter – 24 of Buffalo, while she was a visitor at the jail.  As Deputies were conducting a body search of Hunter, she removed a balloon containing marijuana secreted in her vagina.  She was subsequently arrested and charged with a felony count of introducing contraband into a prison, misdemeanor counts of conspiracy and criminal sale of marijuana as well as possession of marijuana. 

Hunter remains in the Erie County Holding Center on $5,000.00 bail. 

Also arrested following the investigations and charged with one count of felony attempt to possess prison contraband and one count of misdemeanor conspiracy charges each are: 

Inmate Melvin Williams, 20 of Buffalo; in the holding center on $50,000.00 bails for armed robbery charges and a parole violation. 

Inmate Demetrise Oaks, 36 of Buffalo; held without bail for assault and parole violations. 

Inmate Indaleccio Rodriguez, 27 of Buffalo; held on $1,000.00 bail for parole violations. 

Inmate Dijon Brown, 24 of Buffalo; in the holding center without bail for assault and parole violations.