The following individuals currently have outstanding warrants with the Erie County Sheriff’s Office. If you know their whereabouts, contact the Erie County Sheriff’s Office at (716) 858-2903. Any information you report will be kept confidential. DO NOT attempt to apprehend any subject yourself.

The Erie County Sheriff’s Office makes reasonable efforts to monitor and update warrant information on a regular basis. If you believe an entry is outdated or incorrect, please contact the Warrant Office at (716) 858-3287 between the hours of 8:00 AM – 4:00 PM, Monday through Friday. Information compiled on this list may not be used to harass or threaten wanted persons or their families. Anyone who uses this information to commit a criminal act against another person is subject to criminal prosecution under New York State law.

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Photo Name Last Known Address Individual Description Date Received Warrant Number Reason for Warrant

Heather Salzler

Salzler, Heather M.

12209 Mackinaw St.

Perrysburg, NY 14129

White Female

Born: 1984

5'08" 140lbs

01/26/2016 16-128335 7th Degree Criminal Possession of a Controlled Substance; Possession of a Hypodermic Instrument

Trippy, Jamison

Trippy, Jamison Y

1390 Ellis Rd

Angola, NY 14006

White Male

Born 1993

5'8" 170lbs

12/10/2015 15-128242 Failure to Appear (Original Charge: 2nd Degree Aggravated Unlicensed Operation of a Motor Vehicle)

Ronald E. Smith Jr.

Smith, Jr., Ronald E.

321 Washington St.

Lockport, NY 14094

White Male

Born: 1956

5'06" 150lbs

08/27/2015 15-128068 Petit Larceny

Jones, Alison M

Jones, Alison M

147 Huntley St

Syracuse, NY 13208

Black Female

Born 1993

5'6" 240lbs

08/03/2015 15-128036 Failure to Appear (Original Charge - 3rd Degree Aggravated Unlicensed Operation of a Motor Vehicle)

Linard Burns

Burns, Linard R.

155 Garden Village Dr., Apt. #5

Cheektowaga, NY 14227

White Male

Born: 1961

5'11" 230lbs

05/05/2015 15-127729 & 15-127730 2nd Degree Criminal Contempt - Disobey Judicial Mandate; 2nd Degree Criminal Contempt - Unfavorable Behavior in Court

Lee Vancise

Vancise, Jr., Lee E.


White Male

Born: 1976

6'02" 175lbs

05/04/2015 15-127784 7th Degree Criminal Possession of a Controlled Substance

Hope Dunlap

Dunlap (AKA Studer), Hope

541 Friendship Rd.

Somerville, AL 35670

White Female

Born: 1971

5'08" 125lbs

01/07/2015 15-127436 3rd Degree Unauthorized Use of a Motor Vehicle

Raul Siburu

Siburu, Raul A.

490 Stremma Rd.

Largo, FL 33770

Hispanic Male

Born: 1968

5'11" 140lbs

05/07/2014 14-126051 2nd Degree Obstructing Governmental Administration; Resisting Arrest; 2nd Degree Harassment

Joseph Zanghi

Zanghi, Joseph M.

519 Virginia St., Apt. #3

Buffalo, NY 14202

White Male

Born: 1974

5'09" 155lbs

04/30/2014 14-126006 Endangering the Welfare of a Child; Petit Larceny

Trevor Sigrist

Sigrist, Trevor R.

Jacksonville Beach, FL

White Male

Born: 1980

6'00" 165lbs

04/01/2014 14-125978 Petit Larceny

Tyler Shattuck

Shattuck, Tyler C.

12 Hemlock Dr.

Greenfield Center, NY 12833

White Male

Born: 1990

5'09" 145lbs

02/02/2014 14-125857 7th Degree Criminal Possession of a Controlled Substance

Brandon Richburg

Richburg, Brandon J

7056 Archibald Ave 

Corona, CA 92880

Black Male

Born 1982

5' 11" 175lbs

06/07/2011 11-123022 Criminal Possession of a Controlled Substance

Terra Weber

Weber, Terra L.

8304 Bolingbrook Ave.

Las Vegas, NV 89149

White Female

Born: 1980

5'06" 110lbs

03/28/2011 11-122867 7th Degree Criminal Possession of a Controlled Substance

Michelle Kitcho

Kitcho, Michelle E.

1810 Grand Island Blvd.

Grand Island, NY 14072

White Female

Born: 1977

5'04" 215lbs

02/23/2011 11-122782 Petit Larceny

Amy Sink

Sink, Amy L

1217 Napa Ave

Chula Vista, CA 91911

White Femaie

Born 1976

5'6" 280lbs

06/22/2009 09-121247 Petit Larceny

Jennifer Hopkins

Hopkins, Jennifer M.

3337 Bailey Ave., Rear

Buffalo, NY 14215

White Female

Born: 1980

5'04" 200lbs

08/23/2006 06-118462 Petit Larceny

No Photo Available

Bowden, Regina M.

141 Sanders Rd., Apt. #9

Buffalo, NY 14216

White Female

Born: 1962

5'02" 120lbs

05/18/2006 06-118291 7th Degree Criminal Possession of a Controlled Substance

David AKA Charles Pardee

Pardee, David (AKA Charles) A.

12 Clapp St.

Worcester, MA 01610

White Male

Born: 1966

5'10" 210lbs

12/01/2005 05-117936 Petit Larceny; 2nd Degree Obstructing Governmental Administration; False Personation

Adam Cousins

Cousens, Adam J

80 Kings Hwy

Groton, CT 06340

Black Male

Born 1982

5' 11" 177lbs

05/22/2003 03-115276 3rd Degree Assault

Steven D. Moore

Moore, Steven D.

3520 East Thollie Green Rd.

Stem, NC 27581

White Male

Born: 1980

5'08" 150lbs

05/15/2002 02-113228 3rd Degree Unauthorized Use of a Motor Vehicle

Larry Palmer

Palmer, Larry R.

13240 Route 39

Sardinia, NY 14030

White Male

Born: 1966

6'00" 180lbs

07/12/2001 01-111755 3rd Degree Assault; Endangering the Welfare of a Child

Everett Knipp

Knipp, Everett R

244 Frames Branch Rd

Clay City, KY 40312

White Male

Born 1974

6'0" 225lbs

05/27/1999 99-107886 Petit Larceny

Carrie Bradley

Bradley, Carrie A.

3851 Barnes Ave., Apt. #2

Bronx, NY 10467

Black Female

Born: 1978

5'03" 140lbs

06/15/1998 98-106189 Petit Larceny; Issuing a Bad Check

ledduke, danielle

Ledduke, Danielle E

52 Freeman Rd

Williamsville, NY 14221

White Female

Born 1980

5'9" 120lbs

12/18/2014 14-127394 Failure to Appear (Original Charge Disorderly Conduct)