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The Specialized Medical Assistance Response Team (SMART) is Erie County, New York's volunteer public health emergency response organization. SMART is sponsored by the Erie County Department of Health and the Department of Emergency Medicine at Erie County Medical Center Corporation. Physician response is available 24/7 by calling MERS control at 716-898-3696. For more information or to join SMART, please call 716-858-7101 or download an application.

SMART is a regional asset and its organization is evolving as more volunteers are recruited. The Western New York Public Health Alliance endorses SMART as a critical disaster resource. As such, SMART is building capacity in all of the Public Health Operating Systems. SMART currently includes representation from Emergency Medicine, the Pharmacy Association of Western New York, Kaleida Health, Erie County Medical Center, the Catholic Health System, the Dental Association of Western New York, the Niagara Frontier Veterinary Society, the Erie County Department of Health, the Erie County Department of Mental Health, and the Erie County Department of Emergency Services. SMART operates under Standing Operating Guidelines approved by the Commissioners of Health and Emergency Services and is designated as a volunteer emergency response organization under NYS Law.