If you already get SNAP benefits in New York State, as long as you do not also get Temporary Assistance (cash) benefits, you can re-certify (renew your benefits) without coming into our offices. Two months prior to the end of the re-certification period, you will receive a re-certification packet in the mail that includes a SNAP application and a scheduled interview appointment on page 1.

There are three important steps in the re-certification process:

  1. You must submit a Re-certification application before you can be interviewed on your scheduled interview appointment shown on page one of your re-certification packet. You can submit your SNAP Re-certification by mail, from your home by using the internet (, by fax, or in person at 158 Pearl Street, Buffalo NY 14202.
  2. After you submit your application, you must be interviewed. If you submit your application AFTER the scheduled interview appointment on page one of your re-certification packet, then it is YOUR responsibility to re-schedule your interview appointment before the end of your re-certification period.
  3. After your interview, you may be asked to submit additional documents related to your income or circumstances.