Marie Cannon, Commissioner of Social Services

We envision a community where children, adults and families are healthy and safe and enjoy a quality life. As a responsive and efficient organization, we seek to continually engage the community in defining the role of Social Services. Our mission is to engage people in need and provide a broad range of efficient and effective assistance and services with community partners to facilitate a better future for the people of Erie County.

What's Happening in Erie County Department of Social Services

Erie County has been working with local child care organizations, providers, school districts and community organizations to create Virtual Learning Support Centers (VLSCs). These are supervised programs that children can attend on the days they are designated to complete their school work remotely. The aim of the VLSC establishment is to ensure that they are opening and operating in...

The 2020-21 HEAP season in Erie County opens November 2, 2020! Please Click Here for a HEAP 2020-2021 Program Overview!

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