Greenan hired as ECDSS Foster Care Ombudsperson

Modified: April 15, 2019 12:56pm

Erie County Executive Mark Poloncarz and Commissioner of Social Services Marie Cannon have announced the hiring of Stacey Greenan to serve as Erie County's inaugural foster care ombusperson.

Greenan has 16 years of experience in the field, beginning her career as a front-line supervisor inthe Erie County foster care unit before eventually being promoted to a series of different supervisor roles. She will investigate and mediate complaints from children, birth parents, relatives and foster parents regarding issues and problems in the foster care system. She will also listen to concerns, document complaints, gather relevant information, remain neutral and impartial, formulate a process for a possible resolution, and make recommendations.

"The foster care ombudsperson position was created as a result of a number of complaints made to me and my partners in government regarding the challenges foster and birth parents had getting complaints resolved," said Poloncarz. "I am sympathetic to birth and foster parents who have difficulty getting their problems addressed. Erie County needed a professional specifically dedicated to helping these parents navigate the system and try to resolve the grievances these families have. I am happy were able able to include this needed position in our budget."

Erie County Department of Social Services Commissioner Marie Cannon added, "We are extremely fortunate that we had a professional of Stacey Greenan's caliber apply for and accept this position. She has the experience, passion and tact needed to lead this operation. With her many years of experience as a caseworker and supervisor, Ms. Greenan has the institutional and systemic knowledge needed to make an impact in this critical position. I am confident that Ms. Greenan will make a positive difference for children in foster care."

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