Automated phone calls advise ECDSS clients of remote service options

Modified: November 25, 2020 7:47pm

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Automated phone calls went out to clients of the Erie County Department of Social Services on Wednesday, November 24th to advise them of the many ways in which they can access the Department's benefits and services without having to make in-person visits to County offices.

The content of the automated phone call was the following:

"The Erie County Department of Social Services offers many remote service options to ensure that social services are accessible to Erie County residents without the need to travel to County offices. Our offices are open, but we urge clients and others in need to stay safe and allow us to help you from home. Applications for benefits can be submitted online at Eligibility interviews are being conducted by phone. Verification can be submitted using NYDocSubmit. Applications, forms and instructions for mobile document upload are available at"