Erie County Industrial Development Agency (ECIDA)

Purposes of the Agency are as follows: to integrate and strengthen the planning and promotion of industrial, commercial and economic development in Erie County, on a unified, county-wide basis, and to that end to seek the cooperation and coordinate the operations of public and private organizations to such planning and promotion; to advertise and promote industrial, commercial and economic opportunities in EC and to publicize the advantages of the County; to conduct research into business and industrial conditions in the County, to study the needs and conditions of the County and to prepare plans or elements of plans relating to the industrial, commercial, and economic development of the County or any part of the County; and to study, recommend, plan, coordinate, and evaluate projects and programs relating to industrial, commercial, and economic development in Erie County.

Those who are appointed should be chosen from leaders in the business, labor or minority communities within the County after consultation from other Agency Members.

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