Please be advised that these subcommittees will review candidates for positions at the level of deputy department head and below and then make recommendations for those positions to the Executive Committee.  The subcommittees will not examine applicants at the department head level or perform any other functions.

Community Enrichment

The Community Enrichment Subcommittee has oversight over the County’s relationships with and funding for the Buffalo and Erie County Public Library system, Erie Community College, cultural organizations, and tourism and convention services including the Buffalo and Erie County Convention and Visitors Bureau.

Economic Development/Energy and Environment

The Energy and Environment Subcommittee has oversight over the County’s Department of Environment and Planning, including the Division of Sewerage Management and environmental matters, as well as the County’s parks system and the Erie County Water Authority.  Additionally, this committee has oversight over the County’s relationship with the Erie County Industrial Development Agency and local industrial development agencies, as well as business and job development and creation.

Government Affairs

The Government Affairs Subcommittee has oversight over a range of administrative and related matters including personnel issues, the Department of Law, and legal claims against the County.

Health and Human Services

The Health and Human Services Subcommittee has oversight over the County’s largest department, Social Services, as well as the range of social, mental and physical health issues in several departments including Health, Mental Health, Senior Services and the Youth Bureau.

Public Safety

The Public Safety Subcommittee has oversight over the County’s law enforcement and safety functions, including Central Police Services, Emergency Services, Emergency Medical Services and Probation.

Public Works

The Public Works Subcommittee has oversight over the County’s Department of Public Works and all County road, highway, bridge, and building maintenance and construction infrastructure projects.