Cancer Survivorship and Wellness

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At Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center, the focus on Survivorship and Wellness begins at the time of diagnosis and is designed to provide support through patient and family-oriented care before, during and after treatment. As a survivor, or caregiver of a survivor, regular follow-up care is important. Every cancer patient should have a personalized care plan including necessary cancer screenings and healthy lifestyle choices such as exercise and proper nutrition. At Roswell Park, we believe that patients and their caregivers will lead a healthy, active life after cancer, but we recognize that problems can develop as a result of treatment. Therefore, in addition to watching for cancer recurrence, we focus on identifying, preventing, and controlling any late or long-term effects of cancer. Mental and physical health are an essential component of recovery and Quality of Life. Thus, our personalized plans also include a range of complementary medicine approaches such as acupuncture, fertility counseling, massage therapy, mindfulness meditation and yoga to ensure that our patients and their caregivers travel the journey of Survivorship with a wide range of resources at their disposal.

Instructors: Mary Reid, MSPH, PhD, Professor of Oncology, Chief and Director, Cancer Screening, Survivorship and Faculty Mentoring, Department of Medicine; Tessa Faye Flores, MD, Medical Director of Cancer Screening and Survivorship, Assistant Professor of Oncology

*This is a recording of the live streaming session that took place on June 14, 2021.