Nikola Tesla: How He Transformed Civilization

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We live in an electrified world that is generally taken for granted except when it is denied in a power outage. The person responsible for electrically transforming the earth’s entire civilization has, by and large, been unknown, ignored, or disregarded. This visual and impactful presentation intends to elucidate the forgotten story of Nikola Tesla, the Serbian-born, genius fellow New Yorker. His accomplishments for all humankind and how he transfigured the planet that started in Buffalo, NY, will be explained and illuminated in a compelling, dynamic lecture.

Instructor: Francis S Lestingi, PhD, Professor Emeritus of History of Science and Physics, State University of New York College at Buffalo; President & Co-Founder, Buffalo Niagara Nikola Tesla Council, Inc.

*This is a recording of the live streaming session that took place on May 12, 2021.