Spot That Scam! COVID-19 Edition

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Join us for a discussion on the tactics that scammers use across the board to throw us off balance, and how they are using the COVID-19 pandemic to trick people into turning over their information and money. We will cover how scammers are manipulating the current pandemic to create a crisis, designed to elicit an emotional response so a person quickly purchases gift cards or sends cash. We will educate you the new ways scammers are having individuals send money, on what is being done to combat scams and where and how to report. Our goal is to help spark a realization of how scammers use these tactics to get money, so we can all be prepared for when we get that phone call, email, or letter in the mail.

Instructors: Sarah Duval, Esq., Supervising Attorney; Kathy Kanaley, Social Work Supervisor, E-MDT Coordinator, Center for Elder Law & Justice

*This is a recording of the live streaming session that took place on Thursday, June 11, 2020.