Writing to Connect: A Mother and Son On Writing a Memoir

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Linda Drajem and Christopher Drajem wrote a collaborative memoir spanning almost ten years. It began when Linda was an English teacher in Buffalo and Christopher recently moved to Seattle. He came home for a visit told her and the rest of the family he was gay. In this session, mother and son will share their experiences forging a relationship of mutual support and abiding respect focusing on how writing bridged the inevitable gaps. Sharing letters and emails, the two will discuss the impact of outdated gender roles, stifling religious doctrine, and the importance, above all else, of honesty. Participants will leave with a list of suggestions about how to reinforce connections with those who are most important by building on shared values.

Instructors: Linda Drajem, Retired English Teacher and Current Memoirist; Christopher Drajem, writer & educator

*This is a recording of the live streaming session that took place on June 1, 2021.