Capabilities and Benefits

Given the extensive video network developed throughout the County, there are several different uses for the equipment:

  • Attorney - Client Conferences
  • Pre - Trial Proceedings
  • Tele-Medicine, through communication with ECMC
  • Probation – Inmate Interviews
  • Other Court Proceedings, such as arraignment

Specific sites are also finding other uses to facilitate and/or improve their judicial-related functions by using the video conferencing equipment.

There are several different groups of people who will benefit from usage of the video conferencing system including attorneys, government departments – such as Probation, clients/inmates, correction officers and the community as a whole. Some potential benefits of the system include:

  • Assigned Counsel/ Private Attorneys
    • Reduction in transportation time/cost
    • Allows more face-to-face communication with their clients
  • Security Personnel
    • Decreases staffing demands by decreasing the number of officers needed in prisoner transportation.
    • Increase safety/security
    • Minimizes time needed for inmate processing
  • Community
    • Reduction of security risks associated with transporting and handling defendants.
    • Reduction in money spent on security and transport of prisoners
  • Inmates
    • Improved custody conditions while awaiting arraignment
    • More face time with their attorney
    • Faster release time for defendants released during an arraignment
    • Immediate access to health care providers through tele-med
  • Overall
    • Reduction in overcrowding of courthouse holding facilities
    • Improvement in overall efficiency of court proceedings