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Economic Development Committee

Recognizing the need to address the subject of economic development and its role in helping the Alden community deal with growth pressures, the Alden Economic Development Committee was formed in 2004. The Committee is represented by members of both Town and Village Boards, the Alden Chamber of Commerce, Alden School District and local business and civic leaders. Funding for the operation of the Committee is shared by the Town of Alden, Village of Alden and the Chamber of Commerce, based upon a mutually agreed upon budget.

Pursuant to the obvious need to be proactive in embracing economic growth issues, the Alden Economic Development Committee has been formed to aid the committee and its leaders in addressing pertinent alternatives, as they arise.  Also in progress, are several new programs designed to enable Town and Village officials to play the significant leadership roles and guidance needed to balance the need for economic growth with the equal emphasis on the character and tradition of the Alden community.

Interested parties and potential project sponsors for the economic development future of Alden are encouraged to contact the village/town or chamber to begin the process.