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Office of Emergency Management

The Alden Office of Emergency Management (OEM) provides emergency mitigation, preparedness, response and recovery services to the Town & Village of Alden.  OEM leads the development and maintenance of the Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan, which encompasses all natural and man-made disasters and provides a basis for the development of programs and procedures to save life’s and minimize disaster damage.

  Alden OEM manages the Town & Villages Emergency Operations Center (EOC) during disasters and events.  During a disaster the EOC coordinates all response activities within the Town and Village, including Governmental Operations, Public Works/Highway, Fire/EMS.  All of this is done through a Unified Command Network.  Following a disaster or large scale event OEM coordinates all recovery activities.    

 Alden OEM actively participates in many preparedness programs such as, hazards analysis studies, maintaining a special needs registry, emergency planning for the Town & Village including all special events, training drills/exercises. OEM staff is also available to give presentations on emergency preparedness to your association, civic group, business or faith community.   OEM can assist with safety planning of large scale events or activities.



Alden Office of Emergency Management

13336 Broadway, Alden NY 14004

716-937-9216 ext. 113



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