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Town Assessor


William P. Sivecz, IAO
3311 Wende Road
Alden, New York 14004

Phone: 716-937-6969 ext 7
Fax: 716-937-9817

Office Hours:

Monday - Friday 9:00am - 4:30pm

The Assessment Office is responsible for the administration of all property tax exemptions, maintenance of the townwide data bases containing ownership records, tax maps and real property inventory and the appraisal of real property for property tax purposes. Under New York State Real Property Tax Law all property is appraised/assessed at a uniform percentage of value. The current equalization rate is 94.00%.

Important Dates

  • March 1st - Taxable Status Day (all exemptions are due, property is assessed as of this day)
  • May 1 - Tentative Roll is filed with Erie County
  • 1st Tuesday in June - Grievance Day with Board of Assessment Review
  • July 1st - Final Roll is filed with Erie County
  • September 15th - School tax bills are mailed out
  • October 15th - School tax bills are due
  • January 15th - Town/County tax bills are mailed out
  • February 15th - Town/County tax bills are due

Grievance Day: June 5, 2018

2018 Tentative Assessment Roll

Board of Assessment Review Grievance Application  RP-524

Grievance Procedure Instructions

Board of Assessment Review Instructions

Board of Assessment Review Hearing Info


2018 Final Assessment Roll {pdf Version}

Town of Alden Real Property Online Information

The Town of Alden Assessment Online database now contains the 2018 FINAL ASSESSMENT ROLL information. This website was developed through a grant from the New York State Office of Real Property Services. Our goal is to provide a user-friendly site where the public can review property assessment and tax information. The user may view property records by entering a tax map number, owner name, or street address. From this point you will be able to review property data, street level and aerial property photographs, real property tax information, comparable sales and assessment information. Comparable searches have been predefined, but may be modified to expand or reduce the search range. If you are interested in searching by user defined ranges just select the 'Comparable Search' button on the left side of the screen and set the search criteria. Upon clicking the link below, the user will be redirected to the Assessment Information website.

Town of Alden Assessment Information Website

Erie County GIS Mapping

This application provides GIS,property, mapping, information for all properties throughout Erie County. Properties may be searched by tax map number, property address or owner name.

Property Tax Exemptions

The Town of Alden offers various property tax exemptions for qualified property owners. The Assessment Office administers these exemptions as well as exemptions for Erie County, Alden School and Village of Alden property taxes. The deadline for submitting exemption applications is March 1st of each year. Applications are available online at the links below or from the Assessment Office; all applications should be filed at the Assessment Office.

Residential Exemptions

Enhanced STAR– New York State has made changes to the application process for the enhanced STAR exemption. This coming year marks a transition as to ENHANCED STAR applications will be processed. Beginning with the 2019/2020 school year, all applicants will be required to participate in the State’s Income Verification Program. Going forward, the NYS Department of Taxation will annually review an applicants’ income to determine their eligibility for the ENCHANCED STAR Exemption. In the following years, the Tax Department will verify income eligibility and applicants will not need to reapply for the exemption or provide copies of their tax returns to the Assessment Office.

     Property owners who were previously participating in the Income Verification Program do not need to submit any information to the Assessment Office, the Tax Department will notify existing IVP participants if additional information is required or, if it is determined the applicant is not eligible for the exemption.

     This year those renewing their Enhanced STAR exemption will have to sign an Income Verification authorization {RP-425-IVP) along with their renewal application {RP-425- RNW} and their 2017 income information. {either a 2017 Federal or State tax return or, if not tax returns are filed, all year end income statements for 2017}

     The Enhanced STAR exemption applies only to school taxes only and is for residential, owner occupied property of owners aged 65 or over. The maximum allowable income under this exemption is $86,300.

New STAR Applicants - As of April 2016, Governor Cuomo and the NYS Legislature have changed the application process for NEW Star exemption applicants. NEW applicants will no longer receive a discount on their school taxes; instead they will receive a check in the amount of the STAR savings directly from New York State. NEW Property owners will now register for STAR directly with the State Department of Taxation and they may do so at any time.

Property owners who have had STAR previously will continue to receive the tax discount directly on their school tax bill.

If you recently purchased your home or have never signed up for the STAR exemption before, register with New York State either on the internet or by telephone.

 Web Address:

Telephone:      1-518-457-2036

Local Senior Citizen – the Town of Alden, Erie County and the Alden School district offer a property tax discount for residential property owners who are at least sixty-five years old, reside at the property and have a total income less than $ 32,400 for County and School purposes and $37,500 for Town purposes. This exemption must be renewed annually {Renewal Application}, with income under this exemption including social security payments.

Veterans – applies to Alden School, Town of Alden and Erie County taxes. It is for owner occupied residential properties where the owner was enlisted in military service during specific time periods. The property owner must have been honorably discharged from service and must provide a DD214 form at the time of application. Veterans may receive an increased exemption if they had also served in a combat zone or if they received a service connected disability.

Cold War Veterans – applies to Erie County and Alden Town taxes only. This is a limited exemption from real property taxes for residential property owned by persons who rendered military service to the United States during the Cold War, defined as September 2, 1945, to December 26, 1991.

Agricultural Land – is applicable for all tax purposes and is aimed at land that is being used as part of a viable operating farming endeavor. Land may be either owned or leased, minimum parcel size is 7 acres and the operation must net $10,000 over a two year span. This exemption must be renewed annually and penalties may be levied if the land is removed from agricultural production.

Agricultural Building – exemptions are provided for newly constructed or the reconstruction of farm buildings as part of a viable farming endeavor. The qualified building is free from taxes for a period of ten years.

Business 485b Exemptions - is offered to businesses located in the town, it applies to Town of Alden, Village of Alden and County of Erie taxes. This exemption runs for ten years, it begins at fifty percent {based on the assessed value of the improvement} the first year and then declines five percent each year over the life of the exemption.


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