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1. Assessment Frequently Asked Questions

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1.  Assessments
     How assessments are determined. 

2.  Exemptions
     Common exemptions available.

3.  Assessment Cycle
     Challenge Information
     Important Timetable

4.  Data Collection
     Building permits
     Property Sales
     Field Review
     Property Inspections

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6.  Glossary
Common Terms

Frequently Asked Assessment and Value Questions

 My property is not for sale, so how can it be worth what you say it is?
According  to the NYS property tax law, all properties must be assessed at their fair market value —regardless of whether the property is actually for sale or not.  Fair market value is not the highest price a property might sell for but the most probable selling price

 How can you value my property if you haven’t inspected it?
Assessors use Mass Appraisal, a systematic valuation of a large number of properties during a relatively short period of time.  Typically, the function of an assessor rather than a fee appraiser.  Techniques including statistical testing, market documents, field review and appraiser analysis are employed for this purpose. If you would like a member of the assessor’s staff to conduct an individual inspection of your property, contact the Assessor’s office.

My assessment is fair and accurate but my taxes are still too high—what do I do?
The Assessor’s Office is only responsible for the accuracy of your assessment.  If that is correct and your taxes are still too high, you must contact your local taxing jurisdictions (county, school, town/village, fire district) and express your concern to them.