As of Monday 9\24\2012 Electronic Recording of land records is now permissible throughout New York State and Erie County looks forward to you electronically delivering your land records such as mortgages, deeds and other related documents to our office.

UPDATE: Effective February 17, 2015 Erie County Deeds and associated documents electronically

How to E-Record Records in Erie County
You may contract with one of our current registered electronic recording facilitators.  E-recording facilitators transmit data for electronic recording along with payment of all applicable taxes and fees.

- Corporation Service Company (CSC)
- eRecording Partners Network, LLC
- Simplifile, LLC
- Indecomm Global Services

How to Become a E-Recording Facilitator Records in Erie County
To become a registered submitter with Erie County, NYS requires you register separately with each recording office.  If you wish to E-Record in Erie County please fill out the EC Registered Submitter Agreement and sign up for a Automated Clearing House (ACH) account.  It will take approximately one week to process and then your system account will be enabled.

- EC Registered Submitter Agreement
- Automated Clearing House Sign Up

Requirements & Standards for E-Recording in Erie County
Pursuant to 9 NYCRR §540.7(i)(4) of the standards and paragraph 8 of the Erie County Registered Submitter Agreement, requirements for electronic submission are being posted to our website below.

- Documents Accepted
- Indexing Requirements
- Image & Fie Specifications
- Property Description Indexing Rules
- Submitters Guidelines for PRIA 2.4   

NYS E-Recording Governing Standards
As of Wednesday, September 19, 2012, the standards (9 NYCRR §540) governing electronic recording have been enacted and published in the State Register.  The standards can be found at the links below.

- 9 NYCRR §540
- NYS Office of Information Technology Services