New Pistol Permit Application Process

The Pistol Permit New Application Process is a multi step process that requires attention to detail.  Please follow and read each step in the process carefully.

Pistol Permit Process Overview

  1. You must be at least 21 years of age and a resident of Erie County
  2. You need to fill out both the County & State Applications in the application packet
  3. You need to take a Handgun Safety Course 
  4. You must submit the applications to our office in person
  5. The Fingerprinting process is explained and done after you submit your application to our office
  6. You will undergo various background checks by NYS, FBI and an interview by local police
  7. Your Application is then submitted to one of the Licensing Judges for consideration
  8. You will be notified by mail of your approval or denial
  9. If approved, you can purchase and/or co-register a handgun. 

Obtaining An Application Packet

  • You may pick up the application packet in person in the Pistol Permit Office
  • You can get one by mail by writing a letter requesting one and also providing a self-addressed, stamped, business-size envelope to our office.
  • You can download them digitally from our forms section.  Print must be Double Sided (See application rules below before you print the form)

Rules For Filling Out An Application Packet

Filling out the required paperwork correctly can save a lot of time in the application process.  Please read all the instructions carefully.  In the Application Packet you will find an Erie County Application, Character Reference Information Sheet, NYS PPB-3 Application Sample and two NYS PPB-3 Application Forms.

  1. Please read the first page of the Erie County Application.  It lists all the steps necessary to complete the packet.
  2. Please review the Sample PPB-3 Form before you attempt to print or fill it out.
  3. The State Application (PPB-3) form must be printed double sided front and back or it will be rejected.  Two required upon submittal. 
  4. The Fingerprinting process is explained and done after you submit your application to our office.