Malevolent Misogynist Merits the Maximum

Modified: April 2, 2014 1:57pm


Erie County District Attorney Frank A. Sedita III announces that 52 year-old Eugene Lawrence of Peach Street, Buffalo, was sentenced to 15 years in state prison, plus 5 years post-release supervision, by State Supreme Court Justice Deborah Haendiges.

Lawrence was convicted earlier this year of Criminal Possession of a Weapon in the Second Degree after a two week jury trial. Specifically, on December 8, 2012 Lawrence threatened to kill his wife and family. As a result of the quick response by Cheektowaga and the Buffalo Police Department, a loaded revolver was recovered from Lawrence’s home along with 60 rounds of ammunition and a gun holster.

Lawrence is a lifetime criminal, having several convictions for assaults against women since the 1980s. Lawrence broke one victim’s nose and told her not to leave his “damn site” and if she did, he would take her in the woods, beat her, strip her, tie her up, and leave her there.  Lawrence has also been convicted of a violent burglary (in that case he broke down a locked door and stabbed that victim in the neck, shoulder and throat area requiring 30 stitches) as well as Manslaughter in the Second Degree (in that case where he slit the victim’s throat with a knife).

Shockingly, Lawrence resorted to witness tampering and intimidation during his trial. For example, he encouraged a witness to testify that she “don’t know nothing” and after calling another witness at least 78 times (in violation of an Order of Protection), persuaded her to testify falsely on her behalf. Lawrence also threatened to physically harm the Assistant District Attorneys (whom he less than affectionately labeled as “white witches”) assigned to prosecute the case. Justice Haendiges aptly noted that in observing the demeanor of the family members called to testify, that there was no doubt they had suffered years of emotional and/or physical abuse at the hands of Lawrence.

The case was successfully prosecuted by Assistant District Attorneys Sara Ogden and Danielle Soluri. DA Sedita stated: “Mr. Lawrence has consistently demonstrated his contempt for the law, disdain for the rights of others, and hatred for women. Because of the skill and fearlessness of Ms. Ogden and Ms. Soluri, a vicious and manipulative sociopath will remain behind bars for the next 15 years.”