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11/20/2017 Alden Woman Pleads Guilty To Welfare Fraud
11/19/2017 Daughter And Boyfriend Accused Of Murdering Her Father
11/17/2017 Former Teacher Sentenced For Sending Inappropriate Text Messages
11/17/2017 Buffalo Woman Indicted In The Death Of Her Former Husband
11/16/2017 Buffalo Man Pleads Guilty After Attempting To Run Down Police Officers With Vehicle
11/15/2017 Jury Returns Guilty Verdict In Heroin Trial
11/15/2017 Cheektowaga Man Charged In Dollar General Shooting
11/15/2017 Cheektowaga Driver Indicted In A Deadly Hit And Run Crash
11/13/2017 Buffalo Man Accused Of Fatal Shooting In Allentown
11/9/2017 DA Flynn Honors Local Veterans With Donation
11/8/2017 Buffalo Man Sentenced For Serious Injury Crash
11/8/2017 Cheektowaga Woman Pleads Guilty In Deadly Shooting
11/8/2017 Buffalo Woman Accused In 2005 Stabbing Death Of Her Mother
11/6/2017 Buffalo Woman Sentenced In Cold Case From 1983
11/3/2017 Driver In Hit And Run Crash Pleads Guilty
11/2/2017 Buffalo Woman Pleads Guilty To Welfare Fraud
11/2/2017 Buffalo Man Pleads Guilty To Narcotics And Weapon Charges
11/2/2017 Cheektowaga Man Pleads Guilty To Assaulting His Wife
11/1/2017 Tonawanda Woman Admits Stealing From PTA At Lindbergh Elementary
11/1/2017 Lancaster Man Admits To Selling Cars Illegally
10/30/2017 Driver Pleads Guilty In Hit And Run Crash
10/26/2017 Buffalo Man Sentenced For Serious Injury Crash
10/24/2017 Buffalo Man Pleads Guilty To Sex Trafficking Charges
10/23/2017 Buffalo Man Sentenced For Attempted Robbery At Rail Station
10/20/2017 Guilty Verdict Returned In Drug Trial
10/19/2017 Bank Robber Pleads Guilty To Hold-Up
10/17/2017 Buffalo Woman Convicted Of Manslaughter In Stabbing Death Of Boyfriend
10/16/2017 Buffalo Man Pleads Guilty In Deadly Stabbing
10/13/2017 Amherst Man Admits Stealing $318,000 From Medical Facility
10/10/2017 DA Flynn Lights Old County Hall Purple For Domestic Violence Awareness Month
10/6/2017 Hit And Run Driver Pleads Guilty
10/5/2017 East Aurora Man Sentenced For Deadly Shooting
10/5/2017 Buffalo Man Sentenced For Incident With NFTA Officer
9/26/2017 Armed Robber Sentenced For Three Hold-Ups