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1/19/2017 DA Flynn Announces New, Beefed-Up Narcotics Bureau To Fight Opiate Epidemic
1/19/2017 Tonawanda Man Sentenced In Boating Crash
1/18/2017 Defendant Pleads Guilty As Murder Trial Winds Down
1/18/2017 Lackawanna Man Convicted Of Disorderly Conduct On Chippewa
1/10/2017 Teen Involved In Fatal Boating Crash Is Sentenced
1/6/2017 Three Teens Indicted For Stomping Of 64-Year-Old
1/4/2017 Drug Dealer Pleads Guilty And Faces 45 Years In Prison
1/4/2017 Cheektowaga Man Charged With Attacking Ex-Girlfriend With Sledgehammer
12/28/2016 Buffalo Woman Charged In Death Of Elderly Restaurant Owner
12/27/2016 Former Buffalo State Student Sentenced In Credit Card Scam
12/27/2016 Buffalo Woman Sentenced On Murder And Arson Convictions
12/22/2016 Former Buffalo Police Officer Admits Faking Injury
12/22/2016 Judge Finds Buffalo Man Guilty Of Murder
12/20/2016 Sentencing For Man Convicted Of Domestic Violence
12/20/2016 Accused Drug Dealer Charged With Murder
12/20/2016 Identity Thief Is Sentenced
12/20/2016 Ballowe Sentenced For 2013 Death Of Barry Moss
12/19/2016 Ringleader Of Local Check Cashing Scheme Pleads Guilty
12/16/2016 Former Little League President Pleads Guilty
12/15/2016 Suspect Involved In Shooting Of Eleven Year Old Arraigned On Assault Charge
12/14/2016 Two Drag Racers Sentenced For Fatal Crash
12/13/2016 Hamburg Man Sentenced In Fatal Crash
12/12/2016 Driver Who Fatally Struck Baby Is Sentenced
12/9/2016 Cuban National Caught At Border With Forged Credit Cards Pleads Guilty
12/8/2016 DA Announces Appeal Of Reversed Conviction In Kuzdzal Case
12/8/2016 Convicted Murderer Sentenced 131 Years To Life
12/8/2016 Sentencing For Buffalo Man Who Sold Powerful Painkillers
12/6/2016 Sexual Predator Is Sentenced For Attack On Buffalo Woman
12/6/2016 Cheektowaga Man Pleads Guilty In Fatal Beating
12/5/2016 Cheektowaga Man Sentenced For Strangling Girlfriend
12/5/2016 Amherst Man Pleads Guilty In Deadly Drunk Driving Crash
12/1/2016 Jury Returns Guilty Verdict in Murder/Arson Trial
11/30/2016 Texas Brothers Are Sentenced For Stealing NYS Tax Money
11/28/2016 Teen Who Tried To Shoot Police Officer Pleads Guilty
11/25/2016 Alleged Ringleader Of Local Check Cashing Scheme Is Charged