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5/5/2016 Buffalo Sex Offender Loses Appeal
5/4/2016 Buffalo Man Arraigned On A Murder Charge
5/3/2016 Amherst Man Admits Stealing From Mother-In-Law
5/3/2016 Prostitution Ring Leader Pleads Guilty
5/3/2016 Gowanda Woman Admits Stealing From The Disabled
5/2/2016 Buffalo Man Gets The Maximum Sentence For Deadly Shooting
5/2/2016 Jury Returns Guilty Verdict In Murder Trial
4/27/2016 Cheektowaga Man Gets 40 Years To Life For Double Murder
4/27/2016 Concord Man Is Sentenced For Shooting Children With BB Gun
4/26/2016 Sexual Predator Is Sentenced For Attack On Women
4/26/2016 Christian Store Embezzler Sentenced
4/26/2016 Violent Felony Offender Gets More Jail Time
4/25/2016 Guilty Plea In Shooting Death of Buffalo Woman
4/22/2016 Assistant District Attorney Wins Prestigious Award
4/22/2016 Former Buffalo Bar Owner Accused of Stealing State Sales Tax
4/21/2016 Depew Woman Sentenced To The Max In Deadly High Speed Crash
4/21/2016 Convicted Felon Pleads Guilty In The Attack And Robbery Of A Buffalo Man
4/21/2016 Arraignment For Buffalo Woman Accused Of Setting Fire That Killed Two People
4/21/2016 Serial Robber Pleads Guilty
4/19/2016 Buffalo Man Accused Of Stealing Credit Cards At Nichols School, Day Care Center
4/19/2016 Erie County Holding Center Deputy Arraigned On Drug And Bribery Charges
4/14/2016 Guilty Verdict In The Antone Herrod Murder Trial
4/12/2016 Cheektowaga Grandmother Accused Of Selling Opioid Pills Out Of Her Home
4/12/2016 Buffalo Man Pleads Guilty In Shooting Death Of Friend
4/11/2016 Domestic Violence Grant Awarded To DA's Office During National Crime Victims' Rights Week
4/7/2016 Buffalo Bank Robber Prosecuted to the Fullest Extent of the Law
4/6/2016 Buffalo Police Officer Found Guilty Of Lesser DWI Charge
4/6/2016 Pedophile Who Frequented Cazenovia Park Pleads Guilty
4/5/2016 Buffalo Man Pleads Guilty In Barbershop Shooting
4/5/2016 Three Buffalo State Students Accused Of Forging Credit And Debit Cards
4/4/2016 West Seneca Rite Aid Robber Prosecuted To The Fullest Extent Of The Law
4/4/2016 Buffalo Man Pleads Guilty To Gun Charge
4/4/2016 Buffalo Man Convicted Of Dogfighting Sentenced To Jail
4/4/2016 Buffalo Man Accused Of Selling Fentanyl Is Arraigned
4/1/2016 Buffalo Teacher Who Stole From PTO Must Perform Community Service
4/1/2016 Buffalo Man Pleads Guilty To Manslaughter Before Trial
4/1/2016 Depew Woman Pleads Guilty To Sex Offense
3/30/2016 Rape Sentencing For A Buffalo Man
3/30/2016 Buffalo Teen Faces 32 Years In Prison After Guilty Plea
3/30/2016 Two Women Rising To The Top At The Erie County District Attorney's Office
3/29/2016 Buffalo Man Charged With Shooting Eight People, Killing Two
3/28/2016 Buffalo Heroin Dealer Sentenced To Six Years In Prison
3/24/2016 Buffalo Woman Pleads Guilty In Death of Boyfriend
3/24/2016 Buffalo Drug Dealer Pleads Guilty To Having 2,089 Packages of Heroin
3/23/2016 West Side Mother and her Son Arraigned for Possessing 970 bags of Heroin
3/23/2016 17 Year Old Admits To Shaking To Death Infant Son
3/18/2016 Gun-Toting Suspect On Bike Pleads Guilty
3/16/2016 Sentencing For Buffalo Man Who Killed His Mother
3/16/2016 Guilty Verdict In Double Murder
3/15/2016 Two Brothers Plead Guilty In Death Of Buffalo Man
3/11/2016 Concord Man Who Shot Kids With BB Gun Prosecuted To The Fullest Extent Of The Law
3/11/2016 Serial Rapist Pleads Guilty After Attempt To Flee Courtroom
3/9/2016 Second Defendant Sentenced In Brutal Stabbing Death
3/9/2016 Guilty Plea In Deadly High Speed Drunk Driving Crash
3/8/2016 DA Flaherty Offers Public A Way To Report Corrupt Public Officials
3/7/2016 Depew Woman Pleads Guilty In Deadly High Speed Crash