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9/23/2016 Former UB Supervisor Accused Of Taking Bribe
9/23/2016 Buffalo Man Accused Of Gunning Down Victim On The Street
9/22/2016 Buffalo Man Sentenced For Death Of Baby Boy
9/22/2016 Identity Thief Pleads Guilty
9/12/2016 Former Little League President Accused Of Stealing From Club
9/12/2016 Charges Filed In Shooting Of Anchor Bar Worker
9/9/2016 Two Plead Guilty In Credit Card Scam
9/7/2016 Buffalo Woman Indicted For Murder in 33 Year Old Cold Case
9/7/2016 DA Flaherty Uses Asset Forfeiture Money For Anti-Crime Programs
9/6/2016 Buffalo Man Pleads Guilty In Deadly Crash
8/31/2016 Buffalo Man Admits To Selling Powerful Painkillers
8/31/2016 Buffalo Man Gets 25 Year Prison Sentence For Deadly Shooting
8/31/2016 Jury Returns Guilty Verdict On Gun Charge
8/31/2016 Buffalo Man Sentenced For Deadly Shooting
8/29/2016 DA Flaherty Joins "Drink And Drive, Lose Your Ride" Campaign
8/26/2016 Buffalo Man Indicted On Murder Charges In Fatal Stabbing
8/25/2016 Homicide Convictions Under DA Flaherty More Than Double That Of 2015
8/25/2016 Buffalo Woman Sentenced For Violent Robbery
8/24/2016 Buffalo Man Sentenced On Gun And Attempted Murder Charges
8/23/2016 Buffalo Deli Owner Indicted On Welfare Fraud Charges
8/22/2016 16-Year-Old Sentenced For Buffalo Murder
8/22/2016 Hamburg Man Accused Of Causing Fatal Crash
8/18/2016 Buffalo Pleads Guilty To Beating Death of Cheektowaga Man During Burglary
8/18/2016 Buffalo Man Sentenced For Shooting Friend Over Sandwich
8/16/2016 Mother Gets Twenty Year Prison Sentence In Death Of Daughter
8/16/2016 Lackawanna Man Gets The Maximum Prison Sentence For Killing His Wife
8/16/2016 Buffalo Heroin Dealer Going To Jail
8/12/2016 Father And Stepson Sentenced On Burglary Charges
8/11/2016 Sentencing For Sheriff's Deputy Who Committed Insurance Fraud
8/11/2016 Buffalo Man Found Guilty In Death Of Girlfriend's Baby
8/11/2016 Holland Teen Facing Charges In Deadly Drag Race
8/10/2016 Buffalo Teen Indicted For Attempting To Shoot Buffalo Police Officer
8/10/2016 Buffalo Teen Indicted For Attempting To Shoot Buffalo Police Officer
8/9/2016 Mother Of Young Girls Shot With BB Gun Now Facing Charges
8/8/2016 Sentencing For Buffalo Man Who Fired Fatal Shot And Crashed Car On The Kensington
8/8/2016 Cheektowaga Woman Going To Jail For Stealing From Employer
8/5/2016 Sentencing For Son Who Ran A Heroin Selling Operation With Mother
8/1/2016 Buffalo Sabre Evander Kane Arraigned On Harassment Charges
7/29/2016 Buffalo Man Pleads Guilty To Deadly Shooting