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6/19/2018 Buffalo Man Admits to Fatal Shooting in Allentown
6/15/2018 Buffalo Teen Pleads Guilty to Rape Charge
6/15/2018 Allentown Man Charged for Threatening City Hall
6/14/2018 Buffalo Man Admits to Selling Heroin to an Undercover Officer
6/14/2018 Buffalo Man Charged in Grimes Street Homicide
6/13/2018 Co-Defendant in East Side Restaurant Owner's Death Sentenced
6/13/2018 Parolee Sentenced for Raping A Teenage
6/12/2018 West Side Heroin & Fentanyl Dealer Sentenced
6/12/2018 Previous Felon Sentenced on Gun Conviction
6/12/2018 Buffalo Man Sentenced for Possessing a Stolen Vehicle from Bishop's Home Among Other Crimes
6/8/2018 Buffalo Man Charged for Fatal Shooting on Fillmore Avenue
6/7/2018 Buffalo Man Pleads Guilty to Sex Abuse
6/6/2018 Jury Finds Felon Guilty of Illegal Possession of a Handgun
6/5/2018 Buffalo Man Charged with Attempted Murder
6/5/2018 Buffalo Man Sentenced for Convenience Store Robbery Spree
6/4/2018 Buffalo Man Sentenced for Assaulting Friend's Baby
6/4/2018 Threatening Social Media Posts Result in a Felony Charge for Two Individuals
6/1/2018 Investment Broker Admits to Embezzlement
6/1/2018 Homeless Man Sentenced in the Death of Another Homeless Man
5/31/2018 Riverside Man Pleads Guilty to Weapons Charge
5/31/2018 Buffalo Man Sentenced for Setting Fire to His Home
5/31/2018 Father Pleads Guilty to Assaulting Infant Son
5/30/2018 Buffalo Man Sentenced for Rape
5/29/2018 Buffalo Man Pleads Guilty to Zoe Restaurant Shooting and Three Other Crimes
5/25/2018 DNA Evidence Resolves Several Cold Cases
5/25/2018 Tonawanda Man Sentenced for Stealing Funds From Volunteer Fire Company
5/23/2018 Buffalo Man Sentenced for Fatal Stabbing
5/22/2018 Buffalo Man Pleads Guilty to Numerous Charges for Selling Heroin & Possessing Cocaine
5/22/2018 Amherst Man Charged in May Street Murder
5/21/2018 Buffalo Man Pleads Guilty to Fentanyl Possession & Weapon Possession Crimes
5/21/2018 Amherst Man Sentenced for Fire in Allentown Apartment Building
5/18/2018 Getaway Driver Convicted on Murder & Weapon Charges in Anchor Bar Shooting
5/18/2018 Tax Preparer Admits to Submitting Fraudulent Returns
5/17/2018 Tobacco Importer Pleads Guilty to Tax Fraud & Weapon Charge
5/17/2018 Tonawanda Man Admits to Possession of Child Pornography
5/16/2018 Former Medical Facility Office Manager Admits to Stealing from Employer
5/15/2018 West Seneca Man Sentenced to 6 Years in Prison
5/14/2018 Lakeview Man Sentenced to the Maximum for DWI
5/11/2018 Jury Finds Buffalo Man Guilty of Rape
5/10/2018 Buffalo Man Pleads Guilty to Burglary with Machete
5/9/2018 Inmate Indicted for Attack on Defense Attorney
5/9/2018 Felon Pleads Guilty to Gun Charge
5/8/2018 Buffalo Man Sentenced for Fatal Shooting on Cattaraugus Indian Reservation
5/8/2018 Buffalo Man Indicted for Attack on Chocolate Shop Employee
5/8/2018 Suspect in Dollar General Shooting Arraigned on Assault Charge
5/7/2018 Jury Finds Buffalo Woman Guilty in Death of Ex-Husband
5/7/2018 Buffalo Man Sentenced for Possession of Cocaine and Firearm
5/3/2018 Buffalo Man Admits to Stealing Vehicle from Bishop's Home Among Other Crimes
5/3/2018 Buffalo Man Facing Animal Cruelty Charges for Dog Fighting
5/3/2018 Buffalo Man Who Threatened to Kill Police Sentenced on Gun Charge
5/2/2018 Marilla Teen Sentenced for Death of Toddler
4/30/2018 Lackawanna Man Pleads Guilty to Gun & Drug Charges
4/30/2018 Buffalo Man Charged with Murder for Death of Woman in House Fire
4/30/2018 Buffalo Man Pleads Guilty in Butcher Knife Attack
4/30/2018 Buffalo Man Sentenced for Attacking Man with Cement Brick
4/27/2018 Buffalo Man Charged for Refusing to Cooperate as Witness in Murder Trial
4/26/2018 Niagara Falls Man Sentenced for Weapon Charge
4/25/2018 Grand Island Man Sentenced for Scamming Three Women
4/25/2018 Buffalo Man Pleads Guilty in Convenience Store Robbery Spree
4/24/2018 Cell Phone Scammer Sentenced
4/24/2018 Jury Finds Teen Guilty of Killing One, Injuring Another
4/24/2018 Buffalo Man Sentenced for Stabbing Dog
4/23/2018 Buffalo Man Admits to Check Forging Scheme