ECDA Community Outreach Team Participates in Masten Park Neighborhood Clean-Up

Modified: July 18, 2019 11:03am

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On Monday, the Erie County District Attorney's Office Community Outreach Team (COT) participated in a community clean-up organized by Ms. Triggs and None Like You/We Care Outreach.

The team cleaned up a yard on and planted flowers on Southampton Street. Also, the COT worked along with interns from the Mayor's Summer Youth program to clear a lot on Northampton Street near Jefferson Avenue. At one time, this field was a community garden full of eclectic art, fruits, vegetables and flowers, but over time it was no longer cared for and became an eyesore to those living in the area.

The Community Outreach Team contacted the City's Deputy Commissioner of Streets and Sanitation to the site for assistance with the Northampton Street project. The city crew brought in heavy machinery in to finish the work the COT started, so this lot can be utilized by neighbors in the future.

Cleanup1  Cleanup3   

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clear lot cleared lot 2

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