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Daniel J. Neaverth
Commissioner of Emergency Services

James M. McCullough
Deputy Commissioner
Fire Coordinator

Tiger Schmittendorf
Deputy Fire Coordinator

Phone: 716-681-7111
Fax: 716-681-3645

24 Hour Dispatch: 716-898-3696

"24 Hour-a-Day Coordination of Emergency Fire Services"

The Fire Safety Division operates from the Emergency Services Training & Operations Center in Cheektowaga, NY. The facility is in operation an average of 14 hours a day - 6 days a week and hosted over 1,200 training events last year. The Fire Safety Division serves as a resource center for the County's 97 fire departments, operating the Cheektowaga facility and two other field training centers in Amherst and Orchard Park where some 4,000 fire fighters train annually.

The Fire Safety Office provides coordination to the county fire departments through the training and preparation of firefighters to meet the requirements of their job and needs of their customers - the residents, businesses and visitors to Erie County's towns and villages.

The Fire Safety Staff consisting of the fire coordinator and deputy fire coordinator, review and update the County Mutual Aid Fire Plan and respond to major fires and other incidents across the county's 1,000+ square miles to assist with resource management and command post operations.

They also manage the delivery of training programs for the 5,000+ firefighters who serve Erie County. Training is conducted by certified County and State Fire Instructors at one of the three county training facilities or at local fire stations. In fact, the Fire Safety Office acts as the coordination point for all Public Safety related training. Additionally, the division's web site, e-mail and phone number act as the clearinghouse for all recruitment inquiries for the county's 100+ volunteer emergency services agencies.

Whether you're a fire fighter or you want to be one - we hope this web site provides you with the information you're looking for, or at least points you in the right direction. Let us know what you think.

Stay safe. Train often.

Erie County Division of Fire Safety
Department of Emergency Services
Training & Operations Center
3359 Broadway - Cheektowaga NY 14227
716.681.7111 - FAX.681.3645 -


Training Schedule Updated sticky icon

The Fire Training Schedule has been updated. As of: 01/26/15 15:00

Review the most recent Training Announcement for all the details about the first round of Firefighter 1 courses announced for 2015.

Applications are being accepted now. Please download the new version of the Standard Training Course Application. All Firefighter 14-hour Pilot Orientations are held at the Training & Operations Center.

First Round of Firefighter 1 Courses of 2015 Released

Major changes to the Firefighter 1 curriculum for 2015 have been shared at county meetings and other venues throughout this past fall. A summary of those changes is attached and included in the revised Firefighter 1 Student Packet 2015 which will be distributed under a separate email. The new Firefighter 1 (and Firefighter 2 and BEFO-Basic Exterior Firefighting Operations courses) curriculum are based on the IFSTA/Brady Essentials of Firefighting and Fire Department Operations-6th Edition. This book is required at the first class and they may be purchased at the Fire Safety Office at a cost of $85 each. Your fire company or fire district will be billed by the Erie County Fire Chiefs Mutual Aid Organization. If you are purchasing elsewhere – be sure that you are buying the version that includes “Fire Department Operations.”

Erie County Health Provides Ebola Guidance for First Responders

Erie County is committed to keeping first responders informed by posting and distributing the most up to date information on the Ebola situation: 

You will also find additional information on the CDC and NYS Health Department websites.   

LOOKING FOR SMOKE ALARM 'SAVES' for Fire Prevention Week: October 5-11


Fire Prevention Week, October 5-11, Promotes Working Smoke Alarms
This year’s theme from NFPA is “Working Smoke Alarms Save Lives: Test Yours Every Month!”

In anticipation of increased media attention on this event and the theme, Erie County Emergency Services is looking to collect anecdotal accounts of fires that your fire department responded to where working smoke detectors alerted and thus saved the lives of the occupants. We will also look for instances where the absence of working smoke detectors could have prevented tragic outcomes.

We would then share this information via our social media outlets and with local media outlets interested in following up on these positive or negative stories in an effort to support and promote your life safety education efforts.

(PS – Hosting a fire prevention open house? Email us the who/what/when/where and details to and we’ll share via our social media connections to support participation at your event.)

Please provide the following information by responding to this email:






TRAINING: Schedule Updated – 1 Course Cancelled

TRAINING ANNOUNCEMENT:  Training Schedule Updated – 1 Course Cancelled


The training schedule has been updated at to reflect these course changes:



  • Course#1554-14001 Highway Safety for First Responders scheduled at the TOC on 9/27 & 9/28 is CANCELLED due to a lack of registrations.



  • 7814006 Apparatus Operator-Pumps scheduled to start at Evans Center on Saturday-9/27 only has 11 registrations. The course is at risk of being cancelled if a minimum of 10 students do not attend the first and subsequent units.
  • 1R14002 Scene Support Operations at the TOC starting 10/20/14 is FULL. Applications being accepted for alternate openings only.


[Check the training schedule for all other notes and statuses.]



Please download the current version of the Standard Training Course Application (see below) and destroy all old copies. Course hosts have one week after the schedule is published to submit their course applications after which time, applications will be accepted on a first-come-first-serve basis.

WNY Stress Reduction Program Here to Serve Responders


As you read the following important reminder from WNY Stress Reduction Program President Tom Luka; please join us in thanking and congratulating Kathy Goeddertz as she retires from Erie County EMS at the end of the September. Kathy has served as the coordinator for this valuable program for many years and has dedicated herself to helping those who help others. We wish her all the best in her well-deserved retirement.


From: Goeddertz, Kathleen
Sent: Wednesday, September 17, 2014 7:58 AM
Subject: WNYSRP Narrative 2014



September 2014


As fall approaches, we often reflect on events of the past summer. Fun vacations, family times, and other enjoyable events. We also remember significant events of the past which were a lot more somber. The 13th anniversary remembrance of the 911 attacks, and the crash of flight 3407 in Clarence to name a few.

There are also the everyday calls that Police Fire, and Emergency Medical crews respond to. Many are routine, some significant, and some which can expose us to cruel and unforgiving situations. As Emergency responders, we develop our own coping mechanisms to deal with these situations. Occasionally, the memories of these calls may be tough to shake off, and we experience what is known as “CRITICAL INCIDENT STRESS". It is caused by a challenging event that has the potential to create significant distress, and overwhelm a person’s normal coping mechanisms, and ability to function. This can happen at the scene, or be delayed for hours, days or longer. It does not have to be a catastrophic event causing this; it can just be something about the call that is significant for that individual.

TRAINING ANNOUNCEMENT: Scene Support Ops Course-18HR Pilot Changed to Full 27-Hour Course

TRAINING ANNOUNCEMENT: Training Schedule Updated – Course Changes

The training schedule has been updated at to reflect these course changes:


Truck Company Operations at Akron is cancelled.


Scene Support Operations-18 HR PILOT course 1R18-14002 scheduled to run on Wednesdays and Saturdays at the Training & Operations Center has been cancelled and replaced with 1R14002 Scene Support Operations-Original 27-hour SSO course.

The new course will run on Mondays and Wednesdays starting:

  • Unit 1: Monday 10/20/14 – 7pm
  • Unit 2: Wednesday 10/22/14 – 7pm
  • Unit 3: Monday 10/27/14 – 7pm
  • Unit 4: Wednesday 10/29/14 – 7pm
  • Unit 5: Monday 11/3/14 – 7pm
  • Unit 6: Wednesday 11/5/14 – 7pm
  • Unit 7: Monday 11/10/14 – 7pm
  • Unit 8: Wednesday 11/12/14 – 7pm
  • Unit 9: Monday 11/17/14 – 7pm

If you originally took Firefighter 1 Orientation, were unsuccessful in the Air Consumption Test and need to complete remaining 18-hours of Scene Support Operations, you have two options: