Daniel J. Neaverth, Jr., Commissioner

Daniel J. Neaverth, Jr., Commissioner

The Department of Homeland Security & Emergency Services works closely with the entire emergency services and public safety community in Erie County, serving the public and first responders alike.

The Department maintains a countywide radio system consisting of over 3,000 mobile and portable radios, 14 base stations and several radio towers.

Fire Safety, Emergency Medical Services, and Homeland Security/Emergency Management/Disaster Preparedness are divisions of the Department of Homeland Security & Emergency Services.

What's Happening in Department of Homeland Security and Emergency Services
Learn Real World Skills in:
  • Safe and effective LE Movement & Room Clearing
  • Rescue Task Force: Coordinated Law Enforcement/EMS/Fire Patient Packaging, Protection & Extract
  • Officer Down Self-Treatment and Survival
  • Threat Elimination Strategies & Tactics
  DATE: July 25 & 26 – 8am-8pm LOCATION: Day 1: Alden Range/Day 2: East-West Road PRE-REQUISITE: None COST: FREE REGISTER: Interested...
The Erie County Department of Homeland Security and Emergency Services is pleased to announce that it has recently put an “Argo Avenger” Amphibious Response Vehicle into service as part of their fleet of search and rescue resources.   Through Homeland Security Initiatives, the department purchased an Avenger 8x8 amphibious XTV, which is powered by a 4-cycle OHV V-Twin, liquid cooled Kohler gasoline engine.   It has a load capacity of up to 1,...

To request this asset for an incident, please contact MERS Control at 716-898-3696 or via the Radio on Countywide (CW) Fire. When deployed, we will supply one operator, certified by the ATV Safety Institute, for each ATV.

Erie County Emergency Services is pleased to announce a new capability available to all First Responders.

Through Homeland Security initiatives, the Department purchased four (4) Polaris Two-Up ATVs and two (2) RescueBoggans that...

Unveiled September 22, 2016 – The new “ReadyErie” app is available for free and is designed for the iPhone, iPad, android and iOS systems.
Among other uses, the multi-purpose app will allow users to receive critical information and emergency alerts through push notifications, locate Erie County’s emergency shelters, view up-to-date evacuation route maps, and create a personalized Emergency Preparedness Plan...
EMERGENCY ASSISTANCE IS NOT AVAILABLE THROUGH THIS WEBSITE.   In an emergency, dial 911 or your local emergency number immediately. An emergency is any situation that requires immediate assistance from the police, fire department or ambulance. Examples include: • A fire • A crime, especially if in progress • A car crash, especially if someone is injured • A medical emergency, especially symptoms that require immediate medical...