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2018 Session:

Updated Session Schedule

The Legislative Committees

Items received by the Legislature are sent to one of its eight committees. Items are placed on that committee's agenda for review, discussion and/or approval if necessary.

Following the meeting of the committee, an agenda item - along with the committee's consensus in the form of a vote tally and any amendment - is included on the agenda of the full Legislature for consideration.

All committee meetings and hearings are open to the public.

Schedules for Committee Meetings:

Budget Hearing Schedule

Ag Dist Public Hearing

Sewer Assessment Hearing

2019 Budget Public Hearing

Social Host Local Law Public Hearing

Finance & Management/Budget Committee Agenda 2018

Health Act of 2018 Public Hearing

special session

Budget Amendment 1 - Session 22 - Budget Committee

Budget Amendment 2 - Session 22 - Budget Committee

Budget Amendment 3 - Session 22 & 23 - Savage, Miller-Williams & Hardwick

Budget Amendments 4 - Session 23 - Lorigo Amendments Voted Individually

Budget Amendments - Final Adopted Budget Amendments, Session 23

Public Hearing Notice - Energize NY Benefit Financing Program Law of Erie County

Public Hearing - Forest Lawn Group for 2-21-19




Budget hearing data 

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Amendment 2

Amendment 3

Public Hearing Notice

Mid-Year Budget Hearing Schedule and Info

Informational Meeting

Citizens Budget Review Commission Meeting

Turnover Calculation


Agenda for Session No. 2 - January 17, 2019
Roll Call  
Invocation    Ms. Miller-Williams
Pledge of Allegiance    Mr. Rath

Tabled Items    Rules of the Legislature for 2019

Items for Reconsideration from Previous Meeting       

Minutes of Previous Meeting –  Meeting No. 1

Public Hearing      
Miscellaneous Resolutions:    
Submitted By Description      
DIXON, LORIGO, RATH, MILLS, SAVAGE, BASKIN, LOUGHRAN, BRUSO, HARDWICK, MEYERS & MILLER-WILLIAMS Proclaiming January 2019 as "Slavery & Human Trafficking Prevention & Awareness Month" in Erie County
MILLER-WILLIAMS Remembering Betty Edmunds Norward
DIXON Celebrating the 50th Anniversary of Stan Figiel's Service to the Big Tree Volunteer Fire Company
MEYERS Remembering Frank Wilczak
RATH Recognizing Firefighter Michael Burkhardt for 55 Years of Service to the Clarence Fire Company
RATH Recognizing Firefighter Robert McGinley for 50 Years of Service to the Ellicott Creek Volunteer Fire Company
MILLER-WILLIAMS Honoring Maureen Bartley as January 2019 Citizen of the Month
SAVAGE, BASKIN, LORIGO, MILLER-WILLIAMS, HARDWICK, LOUGHRAN, RATH, MEYERS, BRUSO, DIXON & MILLS Recognizing David A. Palmer for His Service as EC Commissioner of Labor Relations & Commissioner of Personnel
DIXON Celebrating Global Concepts Charter School's 15th Anniversary
LORIGO Honoring the Life of Edward W. Vidler
SAVAGE, BASKIN, LORIGO, MILLER-WILLIAMS, HARDWICK, LOUGHRAN, RATH, MEYERS, BRUSO, DIXON & MILLS Encouraging All Residents to Wear Red on February 1, 2019, in Celebration of National Go Red for Women

Proposed Local Laws:

Item Number Submitted By Description Reference
LL Intro. 1-2  10/3/17 Burke A LL to Prevent Medical Waste from Entering the Great Lakes, Also Known as the Erie County Pharmaceutical Water Pollution Act Energy & Environment
LL Intro. 12-1  7/10/17 Lorigo A LL Requiring Disclosure of Origin and Composition of All Manufactured Parts in Surgically Implanted Dental Devices Health & Human Services
LL Intro. 14-1  9/21/17 Burke A LL in Relation to Erie County Investing in Local Businesses and Residents, and in Doing so Investing in American Produced Products and Citizens, Also Known as "The Invest in Erie, Invest in America Act" Economic Development
LL Intro. 15-1  10/3/17 Burke A LL Amending Local Law No. 1-1959, Constituting the Erie County Charter, as Amended, Amending Article 10, in Relation to Establishing an "Erie County Water Quality Commission" Energy & Environment
LL Intro. 17-1  10/5/17 Burke A LL Entitled, "SPRAWL PREVENTION ACT" Otherwise known as "MUNICIPAL AND REGIONAL INFRASTRUCTURE ACT" for the Creation of an Erie County Planning Board Finance & Management
LL Intro. 20-1  11/1/17 Morton A LL Requiring that All County Contracts Include Provisions that Ensure Goods and Materials Purchased or Used Shall be Manufactured in New York Economic Development

LL Intro. 3-1  3/13/18

Rath A LL banning individuals from holding elected offices or being appointed to certain boards or commissions who are convicted of certain felony charges Government Affairs 
LL Intro. 6-1 7/16/18 Burke  A LL Entitled "The Erie County Campaign Finance Reform Act, Ending Pay to Play"  Government Affairs 
LL Intro. 8-1 9/6/18  Baskin  A LL Entitled "ERIE COUNTY CORRECTIONS SPECIALIST ADVISORY BOARD" in relation to establishing an advisory board for the Erie County Jail Management Division  Public Safety 
LL Intro. 9-1 9/18/18 Bruso A LL Entitled the "Energize NY Benefit Financing Program Law of Erie County" in relation to establishing a sustainable energy loan program in Erie County Energy & Environment 
LL Intro. 10-1 11/21/18   Burke  A LL Entitled "Restriction of Paraphernalia From Grocers"  Health & Human Services
Committee Reports:      




Legislator Resolutions:      
Item Number Submitted By Description Reference
INTRO. 2-1 HARDWICK, SAVAGE, BRUSO & MEYERS Opposition to the EPA's Proposed Rule Easing Regulations on Dangerous Mercury Emissions from Coal-Burning Power Plants
INTRO. 2-2 BASKIN, SAVAGE, BRUSO, MEYERS & HARDWICK Confidential & Anonymous Listing of Human Trafficking Shelters in EC
INTRO. 2-3  HARDWICK, SAVAGE, MEYERS, BASKIN & BRUSO Calling for Federal Superfund Designation of the Tonawanda Coke Site   
INTRO. 2-4 SAVAGE Citizens Salary Review Commission  
INTRO. 2-5 RATH Urging NYS to Allow for Public Input for Election Law Reforms  
INTRO. 2-6 MILLER-WILLIAMS Raising the Age for the Legal Purchase of Tobacco & E-Cigarettes to 21  
Communications Discharged From Committee:  
Item Number From the Description Reference


Suspension of the Rules:    
Item Number Submitted By Description Reference
Communications from Elected Officials:    
Item Number Submitted By Description Reference
COMM. 2E-1 BRUSO Lease Agreement for Legislative Office Space  
COMM. 2E-2  SAVAGE 2019 Committee Assignments RFP
COMM. 2E-3  COMPTROLLER ECDoH Performance Audit of the Purchase & Disbursement of Gift Cards Health & Human Services
COMM. 2E-4 MEYERS Lease Agreement for Legislative Office Space   
COMM. 2E-5  LORIGO Letter to County Attorney Regarding Notice of Claim Government Affairs
COMM. 2E-6  LORIGO  Letter to Legislator Bruso Concerning the Rural Outreach Center Health & Human Services
COMM. 2E-7 COUNTY EXECUTIVE Reappointment to the EC Board of Health Health & Human Services
COMM. 2E-8 COUNTY EXECUTIVE  Group Respite - YMCA Buffalo Niagara Contract Health & Human Services
COMM. 2E-9 COUNTY EXECUTIVE  ECSD Nos. 1, 4, & 5 - Engineer Term Contract Agreement Energy & Environment
COMM. 2E-10 COUNTY EXECUTIVE  Transfer of Surplus County-Owned Land  Finance & Management
COMM. 2E-11 COUNTY EXECUTIVE  2019 Annual Action Plan for the Community Development Block Grant, Emergency Solutions, & HOME Investment Partnership Programs Economic Development
COMM. 2E-12  COUNTY EXECUTIVE  Elmwood Pedestrian & Bicycle Improvements Project - Supplemental Contract Amendment Economic Development
COMM. 2E-13 COUNTY EXECUTIVE  Rath Building - Sub-Basement Asbestos Abatement Project Economic Development
COMM. 2E-14  COUNTY EXECUTIVE  Indigent Legal Services Grant Amendment  Finance & Management

COMM. 2E-15

COUNTY EXECUTIVE  Transfer of Homeland Security Trailers to Southtowns Hazmat Team Public Safety
COMM. 2E-16 COUNTY EXECUTIVE  Transfer of Homeland Security Trailer to ALERT Team Public Safety
COMM. 2E-17  COUNTY EXECUTIVE  State Aid for Snowmobile Development, 2018-2019 Energy & Environment
COMM. 2E-18  COUNTY EXECUTIVE  Authorization to Accept Grant Funding & Amend Contract - Substance Abuse & Mental Health Services Administration - Year 2 of 5 Health & Human Services
COMM. 2E-19 COUNTY EXECUTIVE  Authorization to Accept Grant Funding & Amend Contract - Substance Abuse & Mental Health Services Administration - Year 3 of 3 Health & Human Services
COMM. 2E-20  COUNTY EXECUTIVE  Acceptance of FY 18-19 Public Safety Answering Point Operations Grant Public Safety
COMM. 2E-21 COUNTY EXECUTIVE  Project Funding for Construction & Inspection Services for Safety Improvements - Genesee Rd., Route 240 & Sibley Rd., Intersection, Town of Concord Economic Development
COMM. 2E-22 COUNTY EXECUTIVE  Award of Construction & Construction Engineering Services - Bridge NY Project - Amsdell Rd. Economic Development
COMM. 2E-23 COUNTY EXECUTIVE Appointments to the EC Mental Hygiene Community Services Board Health & Human Services
COMM. 2E-24 COUNTY EXECUTIVE Appointments to the EC Emergency Fire Advisory Board Public Safety
COMM. 2E-25 SHERIFF Replace Obsolete Supervisory Tour & Recording System at the Correctional Facility Public Safety
COMM. 2E-26 DISTRICT ATTORNEY Asset Forfeiture Appropriations  
COMM. 2E-27 RATH, DIXON, LORIGO & MILLS Letter Regarding Amendments to Erie County's Four-Year Fiscal Plan Finance & Management
Communications from the Departments:    
Item Number Submitted By Description Reference
COMM. 2D-1 DIRECTOR OF BUDGET & MANAGEMENT Letter Regarding COMM. 24E-4 (2018) - "Re-Appropriation & Carry Forward of 2018 Funds" Finance & Management
COMM. 2D-2 DEPARTMENT OF LAW Opinion as to Form - Local Law Intro. No. 9-1 (2018) Energy & Environment
COMM. 2D-3 DEPARTMENT OF LAW Filing Documents for Local Law No. 2 (2014) - Amendment to Social Host Law R&F
COMM. 2D-4 DEPARTMENT OF LAW Filing Documents for Local Law No. 6 (2018) - The Public Health Protection Act of 2018 R&F
Communications from the People and Other Agencies:  
Item Number Submitted By Description Reference
COMM. 2M-1 SOLAR LIBERTY Letter of Support for Local Law Intro. 9-1 (2018) - Energize NY Benefit Financing Program Law of Erie County Energy & Environment
COMM. 2M-2 ORANGE COUNTY LEGISLATURE Certified Copy of Resolution - "Calling for NYS Legislative Action to Classify as Controlled Substances Certain Fentanyl 'Analogues' that are Responsible for Opioid Overdose Deaths" Health & Human Services
COMM. 2M-3 NYSDEC Public Comment Invitation - Brownfield Application & Draft Investigation Plan for Site on Southwestern Blvd., Town of Orchard Park  Energy & Environment
COMM. 2M-4 NYSDEC Certification Concerning Cleanup Requirements - Brownfield Site on Harlem Rd., Cheektowaga Energy & Environment 
COMM. 2M-5 NYSDEC Certification Concerning Cleanup Requirements - Six Brownfield Sites in Buffalo Energy & Environment 
COMM. 2M-6 BUFFALO & EC PUBLIC LIBRARY Proposed Agenda for Meeting to be Held January 17, 2019 Community Enrichment
COMM. 2M-7 BUFFALO NIAGARA CONVENTION CENTER  Submission Pursuant to the 2019 Budget Accountability Act Community Enrichment
Memorial Resolutions  



2018 Rules of Order as Amended at Session 19  

COMM. 22E-1

COMM. 22D-1

Finance & Management/Budget Committee Report No. 1


“2019 Tentative EC Budget”


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