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2018 Session:

Updated Session Schedule

The Legislative Committees

Items received by the Legislature are sent to one of its eight committees. Items are placed on that committee's agenda for review, discussion and/or approval if necessary.

Following the meeting of the committee, an agenda item - along with the committee's consensus in the form of a vote tally and any amendment - is included on the agenda of the full Legislature for consideration.

All committee meetings and hearings are open to the public.

Schedules for Committee Meetings:

Budget Hearing Schedule

Ag Dist Public Hearing

Sewer Assessment Hearing

2019 Budget Public Hearing

Social Host Local Law Public Hearing

Finance & Management/Budget Committee Agenda 2018

Health Act of 2018 Public Hearing




Budet hearing data 

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Mid-Year Budget Hearing Schedule and Info

Informational Meeting

Citizens Budget Review Commission Meeting

Turnover Calculation


Agenda for Session No. 21 - November 15, 2018
Roll Call  
Invocation    Ms. Miller-Williams
Pledge of Allegiance    Mr. Mills
Tabled Items        
Items for Reconsideration from Previous Meeting       

Minutes of Previous Meeting –  Meeting No. 20

Public Hearing      
Miscellaneous Resolutions:    
Submitted By Description      
LORIGO Recognizing Gary Schutrum as Erie County Legislature Citizen of the Month for November 2018
HARDWICK Honoring Michael Rogers in His Retirement from the City of Tonawanda Police Department

Proposed Local Laws:

Item Number Submitted By Description Reference
LL Intro. 1-2  10/3/17 Burke A LL to Prevent Medical Waste from Entering the Great Lakes, Also Known as the Erie County Pharmaceutical Water Pollution Act Energy & Environment
LL Intro. 4-1  2/27/17 Burke Preventing Underground Tattoo Parlors: A LL to Increase the Ability of Law Enforcement to Prevent Illegal Tattooing Government Affairs
LL Intro. 8-1 4/12/17 Burke Honeybee Protection Act Energy & Environment
LL Intro. 12-1  7/10/17 Lorigo A LL Requiring Disclosure of Origin and Composition of All Manufactured Parts in Surgically Implanted Dental Devices Health & Human Services
LL Intro. 14-1  9/21/17 Burke A LL in Relation to Erie County Investing in Local Businesses and Residents, and in Doing so Investing in American Produced Products and Citizens, Also Known as "The Invest in Erie, Invest in America Act" Economic Development
LL Intro. 15-1  10/3/17 Burke A LL Amending Local Law No. 1-1959, Constituting the Erie County Charter, as Amended, Amending Article 10, in Relation to Establishing an "Erie County Water Quality Commission" Energy & Environment
LL Intro. 16-1  10/3/17 Burke A LL Protecting Children's Respiratory Health: Banning Smoking in the Car with Children Health & Human Services
LL Intro. 17-1  10/5/17 Burke A LL Entitled, "SPRAWL PREVENTION ACT" Otherwise known as "MUNICIPAL AND REGIONAL INFRASTRUCTURE ACT" for the Creation of an Erie County Planning Board Finance & Management
LL Intro. 20-1  11/1/17 Morton A LL Requiring that All County Contracts Include Provisions that Ensure Goods and Materials Purchased or Used Shall be Manufactured in New York Economic Development
LL Intro. 23-1  12/7/17 Mills A LL Banning Smoking Near and Inside Bus Shelters Health & Human Services

LL Intro. 2-1  3/8/18

Dixon, Lorigo, Rath, Hardwick & Mills A LL Amending LL #2 (2014) to Include the Known Abuse of Drugs on Property as a Violation of the Social Host Law Health & Human Services

LL Intro. 3-1  3/13/18

Rath A LL banning individuals from holding elected offices or being appointed to certain boards or commissions who are convicted of certain felony charges Government Affairs 
LL Intro. 6-1 7/16/18 Burke  A LL Entitled "The Erie County Campaign Finance Reform Act, Ending Pay to Play"  Government Affairs 
LL Intro. 7-1 7/23/18 Savage, Mills & Burke A LL Entitled "The Public Health Protection Act of 2018" Health & Human Services 
LL Intro. 8-1 9/6/18  Baskin  A LL Entitled "ERIE COUNTY CORRECTIONS SPECIALIST ADVISORY BOARD" in relation to establishing an advisory board for the Erie County Jail Management Division  Public Safety 
LL Intro. 9-1 9/18/18 Bruso A LL Entitled the "Energize NY Benefit Financing Program Law of Erie County" in relation to establishing a sustainable energy loan program in Erie County Energy & Environment 
Committee Reports:      
Legislator Resolutions:      
Item Number Submitted By Description Reference
INTRO. 21-1 MILLER-WILLIAMS Authorization for Special Charge of Downtown Pedestrian/Transit Mall District 
INTRO. 21-2 BRUSO Agricultural District Designations
INTRO. 21-3 BASKIN Re-Appropriation of 2018 Public Benefit Funding  
Communications Discharged From Committee:  
Item Number From the Description Reference

From the Sheriff - Grievance and Personnel Adjustments


Suspension of the Rules:    
Item Number Submitted By Description Reference
COMM. 21E-15 LORIGO Letter to Chair of Legislature Concerning 2019 Budget - Additional Member of Finance & Management/Budget Committee
Communications from Elected Officials:    
Item Number Submitted By Description Reference
COMM. 21E-1 COMPTROLLER Interim Financial Report of the County of Erie for the Third Quarter of 2018 Finance & Management
COMM. 21E-2 RATH Letter to County Executive Concerning Tonawanda Creek Rd. Construction Public Meeting Economic Development
COMM. 21E-3 LORIGO & LOUGHRAN Letter of Chair of Economic Development Committee Concerning Future of Buffalo Niagara Convention Center Economic Development
COMM. 21E-4 LORIGO Letter to Chair of Legislature Regarding 2019 Legislative Session Schedule Government Affairs
COMM. 21E-5 LORIGO Letter to Chair of Government Affairs Committee Concerning Appointment to the Board of Ethics Government Affairs
COMM. 21E-6 SHERIFF Accelerant Detection K9 Retirement and Acceptance of New Canine Public Safety
COMM. 21E-7 COUNTY EXECUTIVE NYS Office of Mental Health - Workforce COLA Funding  
COMM. 21E-8 COUNTY EXECUTIVE PILOT Agreement - Elim Townhomes Project in the City of Buffalo - Affordable Housing Development Economic Development
COMM. 21E-9 COUNTY EXECUTIVE BridgeNY Project Agreement with NYSDOT, Award of Construction Contract - Quaker St. Bridge Replacement Economic Development
COMM. 21E-10 COUNTY EXECUTIVE Amendment to COMM. 19E-22 (2016) for Interoperable Communications Consulting Services Public Safety
COMM. 21E-11 COUNTY EXECUTIVE Buffalo River Area of Concern Habitat Restoration - 61 Smith St. Contract Amendment Energy & Environment
COMM. 21E-12 COUNTY EXECUTIVE ECSD No. 3 - Assistance with Air Permit Requirements, Engineering Term Agreement Energy & Environment
COMM. 21E-13 COUNTY EXECUTIVE ECSD No. 6 - Disinfection Systems Upgrades/Improvements, Engineering Agreement Energy & Environment
COMM. 21E-14 SHERIFF Reallocation from DCH 2018 Budget to Purchase/Repair Medical & Office Equipment, Medical Supply Transport Vehicles & ECMC Invoices Public Safety
Communications from the Departments:    
Item Number Submitted By Description Reference
COMM. 21D-1 FIRST ASSISTANT COUNTY ATTORNEY Transmittal of New Claims Against Erie County Government Affairs
COMM. 21D-2 COMMISSIONER OF ENVIRONMENT & PLANNING SEQR Review - Repair and/or Reconstruction of Ellicott Creek Park Shelters Energy & Environment
COMM. 21D-3 DIRECTOR OF BUDGET & MANAGEMENT BMR for Period Ending September 2018 Finance & Management
Communications from the People and Other Agencies:  
Item Number Submitted By Description Reference
COMM. 21M-1 NYS DEC Invitation for Public Comment on Proposed Plan to Address Contamination at Brownfield Site on Elmwood Ave., Buffalo Energy & Environment
COMM. 21M-2 NYS DEC Fact Sheet Regarding Brownfield Cleanup Program Application & Draft Remedial Investigation Work Plan for the 3100 Clinton St. Site, in West Seneca Energy & Environment
COMM. 21M-3 NYS DEC Invitation for Public Comment on Brownfield Cleanup Program Application & Draft Investigation Plan for Site on Clinton St., West Seneca Energy & Environment
COMM. 21M-4 ECIDA 2019 Budgets for the ECIDA, RDC & ILDC Economic Development
COMM. 21M-5 BUFFALO PLACE INC. Buffalo Place 2019 Budget Documents Finance & Management
COMM. 21M-6  BUFFALO & EC PUBLIC LIBRARY BOARD OF TRUSTEES  Proposed Agenda for Meeting to be Held November 15, 2018  Community Enrichment
COMM. 21M-7 NFTA Minutes of NFTA Board Meeting Held on October 25, 2018 Economic Development
Memorial Resolutions  



2018 Rules of Order as Amended at Session 19 


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