Legislator Lorigo supports residents’ push for West Falls Road repairs

Modified: March 18, 2019 10:14am

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Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Last month, residents along West Falls Road in the Town of Aurora submitted a petition to Erie County Department of Public Works expressing concern with the poor condition of the road. The residents who signed the petition are requesting West Falls Road be repaved due to the threat it poses on public safety.

The petition they submitted outlines various public safety concerns as a result of the road’s condition, including its proximity to Aurora Waldorf School and risks it places on first responders and pedestrians.  Additionally, West Falls Road is the main transit for East Aurora residents who are traveling to and from West Falls and Colden and further southern destinations.

John Hart and Scott Bieler, who regularly walk along West Falls Road, have spoken with residents and are leading the effort to have the road repaired. Hart pointed out that the shoulders of the road are in poor condition, and expressed concern that it is dangerous to children and pedestrians who use it.

Legislator Lorigo, who joined Aurora Supervisor Jim Bach to tour the road last summer, shares those concerns and plans to advocate for the road to be repaved.

Legislator Lorigo said, “These individuals are rightfully fed up with the worsening condition of West Falls Road. When I toured the road in July of 2018, I was disappointed to see the abundance of cracks, potholes, and overall lack of maintenance. There are children who get on and off the school bus on West Falls Road, as well as police, fire, and EMS crews who rely on this route to respond to emergencies. I can ensure I will advocate on behalf of these residents and for the greater public safety of our community. I have submitted this petition to the Legislature and will fight to have West Falls Road addressed by the county’s Department of Public Works.”

A copy of the petition can be found here.

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