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     The 2018 Medicaid Annual Report for Erie County 

     Appendix A - Map of Medicaid clients in Erie County by zip code 

     Buffalo News article dated November 30, 2018, covering the report.

      :  Link to video discussing the report.

      Radio show on WECK AM with Penny Wolfgang and Mike Szukala on Medicaid. 

              (Radio show is dated 12/23/2018)



     Copies of Buffalo News articles related to the 2017 Medicaid Report

     2017 Medicaid Annual Report for Erie County, New York

     Appendix A - Medicaid Form 2015

     Appendix B - Medicaid Clients by Zipcode

     Appendix C - Schedule of Income Sources




"Poverty Summit" presentation slides dated August 24, 2017

  Erie County Map of Medicaid Clients dated July 1, 2016 through June 30, 2017

  Buffalo News "Another Voice" column dated January 2017 













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