Stretch Your Budget - Let Food Stamps Help!


Did you realize Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program/Food Stamps can help stretch your budget? Food stamps and/or SNAP benefits are here to put healthy and nutritious food within reach of everyone who qualifies!

According to statistics, at least one million New Yorkers age 60 and older may be eligible for benefits, but less than half are enrolled! Benefit value depends on size, income and expenses of the household, but approximate gross monthly income limits for those 60+ or disabled are $1,962 single/$2,655 couple. Contact Erie County Senior Services at (716) 858-8526 for assistance or information. Erie County Senior Services Stay Fit Dining accepts EBT SNAP (food stamps) for payment of meals at all 45 of our dining sites.

Click here for the Benefit Checklist - perhaps there are other programs for which you may qualify.