News from the Erie County Sheriff

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01/13/2017 Inmate Visiting Hours Changed For Holiday
01/12/2017 Driver with Revoked License Charged With Burglary, DWI after Fleeing Deputy
01/10/2017 2 Dozen Tickets Issued During Snowmobile Unit’s 1st Extended Patrol
01/09/2017 SUV in Ditch Investigation Results In DWI-Drugs Arrest
01/09/2017 Sheriff Howard Announces West Seneca Yellow Dot Meeting
01/09/2017 Cocaine, Pound of Pot Found During Traffic Stop
01/09/2017 Sheriff Howard Deploys Third Drug Recognition Expert
01/09/2017 Minors Damage Park by Doing Donuts on Diamond
01/06/2017 3 Warrant Watch Subjects Arrested On January 4
01/06/2017 Suspect Flees Traffic Stop, Crashes Vehicle on Kensington
01/05/2017 Crash Investigation Unit Called To Vehicle vs. House Crash
01/03/2017 Raid Discovers Heroin, Crack, and Loaded Guns in Convicted Felon’s Residence
01/02/2017 77 Methadone Pills Found During Traffic Stop
01/02/2017 Gram of Coke Found in Suspended Driver’s Vehicle
01/02/2017 Cabbie and Passengers Arrested For Heroin Possession
12/30/2016 Crash Investigation Unit Called To Fatal Crash Scene
12/30/2016 Equipment Violation Traffic Stop Results In Heroin Arrests
12/29/2016 Semi-Auto Rifle, Full Magazine and Cocaine Found During Raid
12/28/2016 Long Time Employee Arrested For Stealing From Restaurant
12/28/2016 3 DWI Arrests Made By Deputies
12/27/2016 Level 3 Sex Offender Arrested Following Traffic Stop
12/27/2016 Correctional Facility Changing Visiting Hours In 2017
12/12/2016 Domestic Violence Incident Crosses County Lines
12/12/2016 Father Dropping Passenger at Game Charged With Felony DWI
12/09/2016 More Traffic Stops Lead To More Drug Arrests
12/07/2016 Sheriff’s Office Launches New Mobile App
12/06/2016 Equipment Violation Stop Results In Felony Weapon Charges
12/06/2016 Heroin & Cocaine Discovered After Four Traffic Stops
12/06/2016 Deputies Locate Car Used In Armed Robbery, Arrest 2 Males
12/05/2016 Sheriff Howard Announces Next Community Yellow Dot Meeting
12/02/2016 Erie County Sheriff’s Office Graduates 44 in Latest Corrections Class
12/02/2016 Felony Charges against Driver Who Drove Vehicle into Ditch
12/02/2016 Updated Charges against Two Arrested During Drug Raids
11/28/2016 Four DWI Arrests during Enhanced Patrols
11/28/2016 Delivery Person Found Delivering More than Morning Paper
11/21/2016 Detectives Arrest Subject for Lumber Yard Thefts
11/21/2016 Elderly Male Found Deceased in Field Identified