Child Care Subsidy Program applications

After a complete case review and fiscal analysis, we are excited to announce that effective April 1, 2018 the Erie County Department of Social Services child care wait list will be eliminated and all eligible families with incomes up to 200 percent of the Federal Poverty Level will be able to submit a new application for child care subsidy.

Click Here to view the updated Federal Poverty Level Guidelines, determined through Emergency Assistance to Needy Families with Children (EAF) financial eligibility, which is updated annually.

All parents are encouraged to submit all pending documentation and re-certification applications by th assigned due date, to ensure maintaining enrollment in the Child Care Subsidy Program. The New York State regulation that provides local districts with the authority to take this action is "18 NYCRR 415.2 (d)(3)(ii)."

For more information:

On Erie County Day Care, click Here or call 858-8953.