Erie County Work Center
158 Pearl Street
Buffalo, New York 14202

Hours of Operation: 9:00 A.M. - 4:00 P.M.

The Medicaid Program in Erie County provides access to a variety of public health insurance programs including Medicaid, Family Planning Benefits Program and the Medicare Savings Program.

Financial eligibility is determined based on the income and resource standards governing the Public Health Insurance Programs.

Persons eligible for Medicaid may be required to enroll in a Managed Care plan.

Applications - Eligibility Information

New York State has made the process of applying for Public Health Insurance more convenient. You may now apply by phone or by using your home computer. There is no need to complete a paper application if you use the following link or phone number:

        - The site provides a list of "navigators" in Erie County. A "navigator" can assist you in applying for Public Health Insurance through the NY State of Health site. 
  • You can apply by phone by calling 1-855-355-5777

You may, if you choose, still complete a paper application. Paper applications are reviewed by local Medicaid staff. Paper applications that meet specific criteria are sent to the state for completion. Applications can be obtained by calling (716) 858-6244, or in person at 158 Pearl Street, Buffalo, NY 14202.  When applying for Medicaid, a face-to-face interview is optional and available upon the request of the applicant for specific eligibility categories. Applications can be mailed to address listed above. In-person interviews are available upon request of the applicant for specific eligibility categories.

Information for Individuals with Active Medicaid Cases

Please contact our Medicaid Call Center at 858-6244

Links for further information