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Building Department

Welcome to the Town of Alden's Building Department. The following information has been provided to guide you, but is not meant to replace the personal service we provide. We welcome any questions you may have and are available to assist you in any way we can.

Christopher M. Snyder-Building Inspector-CO

3311 Wende Road

Alden NY 14004

Phone: (716) 937-6969 ext 4





Answers to Frequently Asked Questions:

The Town of Alden follows the New York State Uniform Fire Prevention and Building Codes.

All subdivision of property requires Planning board and Town board approval.

Permits are required for all new construction including pools, sheds, fences, roofs, gazebos, decks and any other miscellaneous items.

Zoning Requirements

Christopher M Snyder, Zoning Officer

The Alden Town Board has adopted a detailed zoning code including R-A, R-1, R-2, R-3, R-C, C-1, C-2, C-3, M-1, M-2 districts in an attempt to protect all residents while following the Town Master Plan.

We have included vital information dealing with the most common zoning issues. This information is provided to assist you with your project. BEFORE you purchase property, modify any property or begin construction, contact our office for specific information.


  • Minimum Lot Size:
    • RA zone - 200' x 80,000 square feet
    • R districts - 100' x 20,000 square feet
    • C & M districts determined by site plan
  • Setbacks from Road Right of Way
    • State Rd. - varies
    • County Rd. - 35'
    • Town Rd - 35'
  • Building Side lot and Rear lot Setbacks for detached buildings:
    5' minimum from side and 10' rear lot lines except fences which can be placed on the lot line
  • Building setbacks for the principal building - 10' minimum from side property line and 30' to the rear property line

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Permit Requirements

  1. PERK test results, call Erie County at (716) 858-7677 (need Proof of ownership (Deed - indenture, recorded)
  2. House number from us first
  3. Plot Plan showing proposed location, elevation of structure, driveway location
  4. Soil condition certification by design professional
  5. Completed Building Permit application
  6. Survey of property and plan showing proposed location of structure
  7. Two sets of building plans with seal of design professional including energy calculations, description of materials and specifications.
  8. Completed Plan Review Checklist
  9. Driveway permit
    • ...If a State road, call D.O.T. at 683-3476
    • ...If a County road, call Erie County at 759-8328
    • ...If a Town road, apply at building department/ $225 plus the cost of pipe. We will notify Town Highway Garage and they will determine pipe size and install a culvert pipe.
  10. Builder's Certificate of Insurance showing proof of Workmen's comp. and liability

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Required Inspections

  • Footing BEFORE pouring concrete
  • Foundation walls BEFORE pouring concrete
  • Foundation BEFORE backfill
  • Framing BEFORE enclosing
  • Electrical BEFORE enclosing
  • Plumbing BEFORE enclosing
  • Heating, ventilation, A/C BEFORE enclosing
  • Insulation BEFORE enclosing
  • FINAL inspection BEFORE C/O

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