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Comptroller Mychajliw Cuts His Own 2014 Budget

Erie County Comptroller Stefan I. Mychajliw vows to do more with less by voluntarily cutting his own budget and reducing staff positions to one of the lowest levels in over ten years

(Buffalo) – Erie County Comptroller Stefan I. Mychajliw voluntarily cut his own budget for 2014 and reduced staffing levels to its lowest points not seen since the Red/Green Budget Crisis years.  Comptroller Mychajliw’s proposed budget for his own office was presented to Erie County Executive Mark C. Poloncarz and the Office of Budget and Management.

“I am leading by example by cutting my own budget.  It is my honor to do more with less on behalf of taxpayers.  I challenge the County Executive to follow my lead and cut his own office budget.  Every single department across county government should cut their budgets as well.  Spending should be reduced before the County Executive should even consider hurting homeowners with a property tax increase,” said Mychajliw.

In July the County Executive issued a directive to all county departments to hold the line on their proposed 2014 budgets.  The Office of Erie County Comptroller met and exceeded the County Executive’s request by cutting its own budget:

“The Division of Budget and Management is requesting that all departments develop their 2014 Budget request with a status quo approach.”

Source: Office of Budget and Management Director Robert W. Keating Memo, “2013 Budget Information and SAP Training, “July 11th, 2013.

One filled position in the Comptroller’s Office was cut earlier in the year.  Two vacant positions were eliminated in the proposed 2014 budget submitted by Comptroller Mychajliw.

Office of Erie County Comptroller 2013 Budget: $3,479,344

Office of Erie County Comptroller 2014 Budget: $3,402,076

Amount Cut in the Proposed Comptroller’s Budget: $77,268

In addition to cutting his own budget in 2014, the Office of Erie County Comptroller saved taxpayers approximately $475,968 by not filling vacant positions throughout the year.  Comptroller employees were taught cross training skills on how to complete tasks more efficiently within the office.

Full Time Positions in the Office of Erie County Comptroller 







































Currently there are 239 full time and Regular Part Time (RPT) vacant positions across county government.  If those phantom and fully funded jobs are eliminated from the workforce Erie County could save about $2.5 million.

“The County Executive should cut most vacant positions.  There is no need to use the ‘smoke and mirrors’ of funding more than 239 vacant positions to justify a potential property tax increase.  I previously had two vacant positions in my office and they’re gone.  I cut them,” said Mychajliw.

A proposal to transfer a Revenue Recovery position to the Probation Department would save taxpayers money because then it would allow Erie County to claim state aid for the position.  Under this scenario the Office of Erie County Comptroller would cut approximately $77,268 from its own budget.  If this position stays within the Office of Erie County Comptroller, then approximately $7,947 would be cut from the budget.

That Revenue Recovery position has been working directly in the Department of Probation, and not even in the Office of Erie County Comptroller, since 2007.

“Either way, the Office of Comptroller’s budget will be reduced in 2014 compared to 2013.  Regardless of whether or not the administration keeps or removes the Revenue Recovery position in the Comptroller’s Office, we will in fact still cut our 2014 budget.  It doesn’t matter if the position stays or goes.  I will reduce my budget in 2014,” added Mychajliw.

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