Mark C. Poloncarz, Erie County Executive

Mark C. Poloncarz,
Erie County Executive 

Mark has served as your County Executive since 2012. His top priority is to provide the services the public demands in a fiscally responsible manner. Please contact Mark if you need assistance with county services or to make your voice heard.

What's Happening with the County Executive

ECFSA report says county’s ongoing fiscal management “has been exemplary”; finds the 2022 Proposed Budget to be “reasonable and achievable” 


Collaborative effort brings first-of-its-kind play space to Erie County parks system  


A Playground for All is fully accessible for children of all needs and abilities; features play equipment for children of all ages and of all abilities 


Ogden’s decision denies all eight of plaintiffs’ causes of action; notes “the state and county can also impose regulations for the safety of students in private and public schools”


CCA lawsuit is fifth to be dismissed or discontinued in 2021


Completed lobby renovations project creates well-lit, expansive greeting space for tourism groups  


Upcoming façade renovations envision striking, attractively- lit main entranceway