Jessica Poleon, Director of Consumer Protection

The Erie County Office of Consumer Protection was created to ensure that Erie County's residents have access to education, information and resources regarding consumer protection.  The office will investigate and mediate consumer complaints through voluntary mediation and educate Erie County consumers on the policies, best practices and their rights and responsibilities as consumers.   


What's Happening in Consumer Protection
Consumer Price Gouging

Erie County consumers who believe they are experiencing price gouging during the Coronavirus (COVID 19) pandemic should report all complaints, using ...

Price Gouging 101

New York's price gouging statute, section 396-r of the New York General Business Law, prohibits unconscionably excessive pricing of necessary consumer goods and services during any abnormal...

Gas Prices: Supply and Demand

Under price gouging 101, in order for an item to qualify for price gouging, the item must be necessary consumer goods such as hand sanitizers and other disinfecting products, toilet paper and...

Beware of Predatory Lending:

With the current state of affairs and many people being out of work, people are looking for alternative means to pay their monthly bills. Some are looking for lenders to help them in this...

New York State's Phase I Reopening for Western New York Region:

Western New York region has met the criteria for reopening. Businesses permitted to reopen under Phase I may start doing so...

Bureau of Weights and Measures: Who we are and what we do:




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