Vaccines Are Not Just for Kids; Vaccines Protect You and Those Around You

Modified: August 3, 2016 11:17am

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 From the Office of the Commissioner of Health,

     Dr. Gale R. Burstein

Date August 3, 2016                              

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Vaccines Are Not Just For Kids

Vaccinations Protect You and Those Around You

ERIE COUNTY, NY— All adults should get vaccines to protect their health. Even healthy adults can become seriously ill, and can pass certain illnesses on to others.

“Everyone should have their vaccination needs assessed at their doctor’s office, pharmacy or other visits with healthcare providers,” said Erie County Commissioner of Health, Dr. Gale Burstein. “Certain vaccines are recommended based on a person’s age, occupation or health conditions such as asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (“COPD”), diabetes or heart disease.

Vaccination is important because it not only protects the person receiving the vaccine, but also helps prevent the spread of disease, especially to those that are most vulnerable to serious complications such as infants and young children, elderly, and those with chronic conditions and weakened immune systems.

Recommendations for adults include:

          All adults, including pregnant women, should get the influenza (flu) vaccine each year to protect against seasonal flu.

•          Every adult should have one dose of Tdap vaccine (tetanus, diphtheria, and pertussis or whooping cough) if they did not get Tdap as a teen, and then get the Td (tetanus and diphtheria) booster vaccine every 10 years. In addition, pregnant women are recommended to get the Tdap vaccine each time they are pregnant, preferably at 27 through 36 weeks.

•          Adults 60 year and older are recommended to receive the shingles vaccine.

•          Adults 65 and older are recommended to receive one or more pneumococcal vaccines. Some adults younger than 65 years with certain high risk conditions are also recommended to receive one or more pneumococcal vaccinations. 

•          Adults may need other vaccines – such as hepatitis A, hepatitis B and HPV – depending on their age, occupation, travel, medical conditions, vaccinations they have already received or other considerations. 

“There is a misconception among many adults that vaccines are just for children,” added Burstein. “The truth is you never outgrow the need for immunizations. In addition, many of these vaccines do not require a prescription and several may be available at your local pharmacy.”

Several vaccines are available at the ECDOH Immunization Clinic at the Jesse Nash Health Center at 608 William St., Buffalo, NY 14206. For more information, visit or call (716) 858-7687.

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